Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

MKTG - Marketing

MKTG 3161 Principles of Marketing

Prerequisites: ECON 2100 or 2106. An introduction to the basic principles of marketing and the marketing environment, with a focus on development of an understanding of ethical planning, implementing, and controlling marketing activities in a global environment.


MKTG 3162 Consumer Behavior

Prerequisite: "C" or better in MKTG 3161. A study of the consumer decision making process and the factors which influence it. Psychological, sociological, economic and cultural anthropological factors are examined. Their impact on marketing formulation, both domestic and international, is emphasized.


MKTG 3167 Retailing

Prerequisite: "C" or better in MKTG 3161. A study of the retail strategy as it helps form the philosophy, objectives, activities, and control mechanisms for a retailer.


MKTG 3168 Sports Marketing

Prerequisite: C or better in MKTG 3161. An introduction to sports marketing and management with emphasis on activities designed to meet the needs and wants of sports consumers through exchange processes. A study of the foundation of sports marketing theory.


MKTG 3170 Professional Selling

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in MKTG 3161. A study of the methods of selling. Topics covered include analysis of prospects, behavioral aspects of the persuasion process (including approach and presentation skills), methods of handling objections, techniques for closing sales and the salesperson's social, legal, and ethical responsibilities. Marketing Majors and Minors only may register.


MKTG 3180 Intl Marketing Environment

Prerequisite: Junior standing. This junior level course introduces students to the forces (internal and external) of marketing in a global environment. The course introduces students to differences in marketing environments around the world and diverse cultures at multiple levels. The course introduces marketing strategy alternatives for marketing within multiple markets.


MKTG 4161 Mktg Rsch and Decisions System

Prerequisites: C or higher in MGMT 3101 and MKTG 3161. A study of the development of the basic methodology in research design for primary and secondary data, including requirements for collection, analysis, editing, coding, and presentation of data to support marketing decisions. Designated as research course for majors in Marketing.


MKTG 4163 Entrepreneurial Launch

Prerequisites: minimum Junior standing. In thi scourse students will develop a business plan for a viable market idea, service, or product. Students will work through the conception, design, research, prototyping, vetting, and pitching of a new venture. The plan will provide the complete details necessary for implementation and preparation of the launch of a start-up business.


MKTG 4164 Sales Management

Prerequisite: MKTG 3161 and MKTG 3170, both with a grade of C or better. Management of the sales functions of a firm. Includes consideration of: organization, forecasting, sales force planning, selection, training, compensation and supervision of a sales force, setting territories and quotas, sales and cost analysis.


MKTG 4165 Small Business Institute

Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of the instructor. A hands-on experience concerned with the problems and responsibilities of starting and operating a small business. Students work in teams, consulting with small businesses and/or entrepreneurs on actual business cases.


MKTG 4166 Marketing Advertising and Comm

Prerequisites: C or better in MKTG 3161 and Junior Standing. A study of the theoretical and practical aspects of effective marketing communication as a means of market promotion. The course utilizes an integrated marketing communications perspective (IMC). Students learn through hands-on experience the importance of coordinating all of the promotional mix elements to develop an effective integrated communications proposal.


MKTG 4175 Intl Marketing Strategies

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in MKTG 3161. This is a senior level course that reflects on the theory and application of International Marketing. The course provides students with an opportunity to experience, understand and appreciate the various issues involved in marketing to different countries around the world.


MKTG 4176 Services Marketing

Prerequisites: "C" or better in MKTG 3161 and junior standing. A study of the role of services in the economy. The course focuses on the unique characteristics of services and explores the special considerations needed in developing a marketing mix for services as well as the role of technology in service delivery.


MKTG 4198 Strategic Marketing

Prerequisites: MKTG 3161, MKTG 3162, MKTG 4161, MKTG 4166, and last semester senior standing. A study of the marketing environment. Application of the development of marketing plans and strategies that integrate ethical and social responsibility across a range of marketing problems including the four P's of marketing, global, and service issues, through the use of cases and hands-on experience with real clients.


MKTG 4505 Special Topics

This course meets special needs of students and/or the community. Approval of the department chairperson is required prior to registration.


MKTG 4605 Internship/Coop Education

Prerequisite: "C" or better in MKTG 3161 or junior standing. Individually designed and planned learning experience involving field experience and study in the private or public sector. Approval of the department chairperson and supervising faculty member is required prior to registration.


MKTG 4805 Independent Study

Prerequisite: "C" or better in MKTG 3161 or junior standing. Investigation of a topic of special interest, with reports given to instructor. Approval of the department chair and supervising faculty member is required prior to registration.


MKTG 4980 Study Abroad

Prerequisite: Acceptance into a Georgia College exchange program and permission of the Coordinator of International Services and Programs. An individually designed and planned learning experience in the student's major program of study at an institution abroad. Specific credits to be determined in advance of registration and study or the guidelines of the Georgia College Study Abroad or Exchange Programs. Grading to be based on evaluation reports of the exchange institution. The course may be used to fulfill major requirements limited only by the program specific requirements of a discipline. This course is repeatable for credit.

0 - 15

MKTG 4999 Undergrad Research-Marketing

Prerequisites: MKTG 4161, junior or senior standing, Marketing Major, and permission of the Chair and Instructor. This course counts toward the Marketing major. Undergraduate Research in Marketing is an elective course for Marketing majors who have already completed several marketing classes. It provides students an opportunity to work with a Marketing faculty member to produce an academic research article through investigation of a topic of special interest. Students will be required to provide both a written and oral presentation of their research efforts, including a presentation made by the students to the marketing faculty at the end of the research project.