Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

EDSL - Education Second Language

EDSL 3001 Acq & Ling Found of Language

This course will cover the nature of language as a system, foundations of the English language, and first and second language acquisition. Emphasis will be placed on research into the language acquisition process and appropriate instructional techniques to support English language acquisition and development.


EDSL 3002 Socio-Cultural Context & Legal

This course will cover socio-cultural influences on English language learners. Emphasis will be placed on research into cultural systems and values of both minority and majority cultures. The impact of languages in contact will be discussed. The laws governing education for second language speakers of English as well as legal concerns with planning and implementing a program to meet those student needs will be covered. Advocacy for English language learners will be examined.


EDSL 3003 Instruct & Assessment ESOL

This course will cover curriculum, instructional methods and materials, and assessment practices for English language learners. Emphasis will be placed on instructional methodology, planning for individual English language learner needs, and a variety of appropriate assessment strategies for second language learners.


EDSL 3005 Field Experience in ESOL

This course is offered to provide students with the opportunity to complete field experiences and specific requirements of the ESOL endorsement.