Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

Senior Exit Requirement

All undergraduate degree candidates must complete a Senior Exit requirement in their major field of study during one of their last two semesters prior to the completion of degree requirements. This requirement is determined by the major department and may be an examination, a portfolio, completion of a course, or other method of assessment. The Senior Exit requirement is an important part of the student’s participation in assessing institutional effectiveness and fostering program improvement. Results of exit requirement will be part of the student’s permanent record.

Students who are required to take an exam to complete their senior exit requirement should check with the Center for Testing to determine the type of test, application procedures and deadlines required for their majors. These students are encouraged to register for the exam the semester before they plan to test. Timely inquiry, correct application, and registration are the responsibility of the student.

A student who fails to successfully complete his or her senior exit requirement by the last day to complete coursework or degree requirements (as published in the academic calendar) will not be allowed to graduate that term.