Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

Career Planning Milestones

Expectations for Students

Georgia College believes that career planning is a lifelong process and desires for all graduates to secure fulfilling careers post-graduation. Therefore, prior to graduation, undergraduate students are expected to complete a set of career planning benchmarks that follows a four-year career planning model. Known as the GC Career Planning Milestones, these benchmarks provide students an opportunity to engage in career development activities on annual basis so that they are prepared for internships as well as transitions to a career or to graduate / professional school. Career Center advisors and staff, academic advisors, and faculty will check students’ progress through the milestones, and students will be reminded of their need for timely completion of milestones through their official GC e-mail account.

In their first year, GC students complete a career assessment and review the results through an individual or group planning session with a career advisor. First-year students also register in the Career Center’s job and internship database, Career Connection.  In their sophomore year, students participate in resume review sessions that include an introduction to LinkedIn. As juniors, students complete a career planning appointment in which they work with an advisor to discuss career plans and complete a mock interview focused on articulating transferable skills gained through their liberal arts education. In their final year, students complete a senior-year check-in in which they consult with career advisors on their resumes or CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and career plans. Lastly, each student uploads his or her final resume to Career Connection so that they are included in Employer Resume Books.

While the university expects all students to complete these Career Planning Milestones, the university encourages students to go beyond the milestones to take full advantage of the Career Center’s services. The Career Center works closely with employers and provides multiple opportunities for students to attend career fairs and interview on campus for job and internship opportunities. To help prepare specifically for job, internship, or graduate / professional school searches, students can complete a Career Boost program. Career Boost activities include attending career fairs as well as meet-ups focused on LinkedIn, professionalism, search strategies, and other career transition issues. The university strongly encourages all students to complete a practical work experience such as an internship prior to graduation.

Students transferring into GC are also expected to complete the Career Planning Milestones. Career center staff will work with students to ensure they have opportunities to complete all components of the four year plan so long as the student takes an active role in his/her professional development. 

The Career Center is located in Lanier Hall, Room 110. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Center staff can also be contacted at (478) 445-5384, or through their website at www.gcsu.edu/career.