Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

Area A Math Accommodation

University System of Georgia policy allows students who are unable to complete the three-hour, Area A core mathematics requirement as a result of a documented disability to petition for a substitution of the requirement. To be eligible for a core mathematics substitution, a committee composed of the directors of three Regents’ Centers for Learning Disorders must determine that a student has a disability currently impacting his or her mathematics skill that precludes the potential for academic success despite reasonable accommodations and good faith effort. Documentation of this decision is provided to the Director of Disability Services at the student’s home campus.

In addition, the student must be enrolled in a major program for which the substitution of the core curriculum mathematics course does not result in a fundamental alteration of the nature of the program of study. At Georgia College, these majors are:

Liberal Studies
World Languages & Cultures

The following courses are appropriate substitutes to fulfill the Area A core mathematics requirement for students who qualify for the exemption and are enrolled in the majors listed above:

Approved Area A Substitutions

Satisfactorily complete one of the following courses.  If ASTR 1000 is selected, ASTR 1000L must also be completed.
ASTR 1000Intro to the Universe


ASTR 1000LIntro to the Universe Lab


CSCI 1000Intro to Computer Sci & Appl


CSCI 1301Computer Science I


PHIL 2020Logical & Critical Thinking


THEA 3205Scene Design


THEA 3215Lighting Design


THEA 3225Costume Design


Total Credit Hours:3-4


Eligible students will give permission for the Director of Disability Services to forward their Regents’ Centers for Learning Disorders’ accommodation letter to the Registrar, who will record the substitution in the student’s permanent record. Eligible students who would like to petition for other coursework to fulfill this requirement may do so through the regular petition process. The Area A math accommodation review committee will review the student’s request in lieu of the student’s department chair.

The course used to fulfill the Area A math requirement may not be used in any other area of the student’s program of study. Students with this accommodation must still complete the Area A math requirement within their first 30 hours of study or they will be required to register in an appropriate course each semester until the course is completed. Students who receive the exemption but who later change their major to a subject not listed above will have to complete an approved Area A math course to fulfill their core requirements.

Any appeals may be made according to Georgia College’s existing academic appeals procedure. The Provost will be the final decision making authority for the campus.