Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

Academic Standing

A student’s academic standing is determined by the institutional grade-point average at the end of each semester.

Some colleges and programs at Georgia College have higher grade point average standards for admission to their respective programs, including the College of Education and the School of Nursing.

Good Academic Standing

A student will be classified in good academic standing if the institutional grade point average is at least a 1.75 for students with 0-29 overall hours earned or at least a 2.0 with 30 or more overall hours earned.

Academic Warning

A student incurs academic warning at the end of any semester in which the institutional average falls below the standard for good standing. To avoid being placed on academic probation the student must earn sufficient grade points during the next semester of enrollment to raise the institutional average to the minimum standard for good standing. If the student achieves the minimum standard at the end of the next semester of enrollment, the academic warning is lifted and the student returns to good standing. A student who fails to return to good standing by the end of the warning semester will be placed on probation. Academic warning is noted on the student’s official transcript.

Academic Probation

Academic probation recognizes that a student is in serious danger of being dismissed from the University and notifies the student that a plan must be developed and implemented to improve the quality of his/her academic work. A student will be placed on probation at the end of any semester in which the institutional average remains below the stated minimums and academic warning has been issued during the previous semester. Students who achieve the required grade average for good standing will have their probation status removed. A student who fails to return to good standing by the end of the probation semester will be dismissed. Academic probation is noted on the student’s official transcript.

Students on probation will be placed on restricted enrollment which means that the student will only be able to enroll in courses which he/she previously earned a D or F. The student will also be expected to develop a plan for obtaining academic good standing. This plan will be developed with the assistance of the student’s advisor. The plan will include retaking courses, use of campus resources, monitored grades at mid term, and regular contact with the advisor.

A student will remain on academic probation for more than one semester if:

  1. the student is enrolled in eight or fewer hours for the term in which he or she is on academic probation, and
  2. the student earns a grade of C or higher in all classes in which he or she enrolled, and
  3. the student's institutional GPA remains under the required level for good standing. In this case, the student will remain on academic probation (with restricted enrollment) and not proceed to academic dismissal.

Academic Dismissal

Students who fail to achieve good academic standing while on probation will be dismissed. Academic dismissal is the involuntary separation of a student from the University. Dismissal means the student is not in good standing and requires the student to stay out of school for one calendar year. Academic dismissal is noted on the student’s official transcript. Students may apply to return after one year and must develop a plan that will ensure their return to good standing within two semesters of their return. Students not returning to the status of good standing will be placed on academic exclusion.

Academic Exclusion

Academic exclusion is the final involuntary separation imposed upon a student who having previously been dismissed and readmitted fails to meet the minimum standards of good standing. Exclusion means that a student is permanently dismissed from Georgia College. Exclusion will remain permanent unless the student has been away from Georgia College for five years or more and elects to return to the University under the policy of academic renewal. Academic exclusion is noted on the student’s official transcript.