Graduate Catalog 2019-2021

Educational Leadership Ed.S. (Online)

Program Description

The Ed.S in Educational Leadership addresses the Georgia Educational Leadership Standards using personalized and authentic learning experiences in the school setting. The program may be successfully completed in one academic year of three semesters, each having 12 graduate credit hours, beginning in the fall of each year. All course work is available online to support the school-based learning experiences. School mentors and university professors support and facilitate the candidate’s work. A residency requirement of 750 clock hours helps the candidate address experiences across all standards. Successful completion of the program prepares the candidate with residency work needed for Tier II certification by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and performance skills required for Educational Testing Service portfolio tasks.


Ed.S. Prerequisites

  1. Meet minimal Grade Point Average of 3.25
  2. Be eligible for a clear renewable, level five (5) State of Georgia Certification
  3. For Educational Leadership only: if the applicant does not have a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership, two courses must be completed for full admission: 1) Leadership in School, Society and 2) School Law and Ethical Practices.) 

Ed.S. Admission

  1. • Hold Georgia PSC Tier I certification in Educational Leadership or hold a valid, Georgia PSC L certification or PL certification in Educational Leadership
  2. • Serve in a leadership position at either a P-12 school or Local Unit of Administration including RESAs; or, have a written agreement between Georgia College and the employer specifying that the candidate will be released from current duties for a portion of the school week sufficient to allow the candidate to complete residency requirements
  3. • Two professional recommendations
  4. • Official copies of all transcripts
  5. • A passing score for the Educator Ethics for Leadership GACE Test code 380
  6. • Documentation of completing course work for the identification and education of children with special needs. Georgia PSC educator certification is acceptable documentation.
  7. • Minimum GPA of 3.25

Ed.S. Advisement

The Ed.S in Educational Leadership begins in August of each year and ends with the following summer session. Each candidate admitted to the cohort has a program of study listing the timeline for all courses. There are no substitutes or electives and all courses are taken at the same time during the program with other members of the cohort. Candidates are assigned to the cohort professor for advisement and are expected to communicate on a regular basis with the professor who will also serve as facilitator and performance coach.

Ed.S. Program of Study

 EDEL 7010
Leadership of Teaching and Learning Organizations I
6 hrs
 EDEL 7210
Leadership of Teaching and Learning Organizations II
6 hrs
 EDEL 7910
Leadership of Teaching and Learning Organizations III
6 hrs
 EDEL 7020
School Improvement and Mental Model Change
6 hrs
 EDEL 7220
Leadership of Consensus, Collaboration and Change
6 hrs
 EDEL 7920
Systems Thinking for Effective Leadership
6 hrs

As needed after program completion to complete certification residency hours and/or portfolio skill development:

EDEL 7930
Leadership of Teaching and Learning Organizations IV
6 hrs
Postgraduate Continuation Course
May be repeated

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Ed.S Goal: Plan, implement, assess and reflect on a leadership change initiative (LCI) by leading a professional teaching and learning organization to improved organizational culture and to improved student learning over time.
Program Learning Outcome: Identify a significant problem in curriculum, instruction and assessment documented in measurable student performance results over time that is owned by professionals in the organization and is a direct barrier to improved organizational culture and student learning.
Program Learning Outcome: Lead a professional teaching and learning organization to develop and implement a plan to remove the immediate barrier, improve student learning and implement change strategies to address the mental models of professionals over time for improved culture and sustainable change.

Rationale for Semester Placement of Courses
Three courses, Leadership of Teaching and Learning Organizations I-III, address all learning outcomes needed for a complete leadership change initiative. A supporting course addresses targeted knowledge and skills within the overall leadership change initiative for Leadership of Teaching and Learning Organizations.

Ed.S. Graduate Assistantships

Limited Graduate Assistantships are available. Details and an application can be found at

Ed.S. Exit Requirements

All candidates must pass a comprehensive program exit requirement and fulfill degree requirements to graduate including an electronic portfolio presentation. Candidates should check with their assigned program advisor for specifics.

Ed.S. Transient Credit

Candidates must enroll in all courses in the program of study at Georgia College.

Dismissal Policy

All course grades are required be ‘B’ or ‘A.’ For any course in the program of study with a ‘C’ grade, the candidate may file a formal petition to continue in the program.


Candidates research and perform skills in their school setting needed for the work they must document in the Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL). Candidates who successfully complete the Ed.S program and subsequently pass the PASL qualify to be recommended for certification with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.


Semester I

EDEL 7000Architects of Change


EDEL 7100Residency I


EDEL 7100Residency I


Semester II

EDEL 7200Curriculum & Instruction


EDEL 7300Residency II


EDEL 7300Residency II


Semester III

EDEL 7900Synthesis & Closure


EDEL 7700Residency III


EDEL 7700Residency III


Total Credit Hours: 36


Further Information

Prospective students desiring further information on graduate programs may contact Shanda Brand, Graduate Admissions Advisor, at Georgia College, Campus Box 70, Milledgeville, GA 31061.


Phone: 478-445-1383.  (Toll free in Georgia at 1-800-342-0471, extension 1383.)