Graduate Catalog 2019-2021

PUAD - Public Administration

PUAD 5401 Public Policy Making

A study of the institutions and processes of policy making with special consideration of the national executive branch. Emphasizes the political environment of the policy making process and various policy areas. (Cross-listed as POLS 5401.)


PUAD 5415 Environmental Policy

This course provides students an examination of environmental politics and policy in the United States and the government's involvement in global environmental issues. Using historical and current case topics. students will gain a greater understanding of challenges facing public administrators in managing environmental concerns for future generations. The policy development of environmental policy is analyzed with respect to the identification of needs, planning, adoption, implementation, and evaluation. It seeks to give students a firm understanding of both the theoretical foundations of and the practical constraints in developing and implementing environmental policy.


PUAD 5444 Labor Relations

A study of labor-management relations in the public sector.


PUAD 5471 Urban and Regional Planning

A study of the principles and practice of planning at the sub-state level. Topics such as land-use and functional planning, and political, legal, and social influences on the process of planning will be emphasized.


PUAD 5509 Euro Govt/Culture Study Abroad

A study abroad course that compares law, governmental institutions and processes, political developments, and criminal justice systems. Time is also spent visiting historical and cultural locations. (Cross-listed as POLS 5509.) This course is repeatable for credit.


PUAD 5581 Bureaucratic Behavior

An examination of theoretical perspectives on individual behaviors within public organizations. The focus is upon rational choice-based theories, but sociologically-based perspectives are also considered. Practical applications of theory are stressed.


PUAD 5615 Non Gov Org & Non Profit Mgmt

This course explores the theory, policy and management of NGOs/Civil Society engagement in local, national and global policy processes. It examines the challenges they encounter, their relationships with other stakeholders (states, inter-governmental organizations, private foundations, private sector and benficiaries), the internal organizational challenges as well as the changing contexts in which NGOs operate. It also explores the emerging important role of NGO's/Civil society in the global and local society such as relief/rehabilitation, development, governance and peace building.


PUAD 5616 Grant Writing & Program Eval

This course engages students in systematic research and study designed to improve the quality of grant writing and program evaluation within local governments, nonprofits, educational settings, and criminal justice and public service agencies.


PUAD 5617 Nonprofit Financial Management

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of budgeting and accounting for public, health, and not-for-profit organizations.


PUAD 5625 Internatlonal Org & Admin

This course explores the meaning and nature of governance in the highly globalized world of the 21st century. It focuses on the role of an ever expanding international public sector and an even faster growing international governance processes.


PUAD 5655 National Security Policy

An intensive investigation simulation based investigation of U.S. national security policy-making processes and structures and the crucial but often tense relationship between the United States and other major powers and international institutions, as each actor strives to promote security in a globalizing age plagued by terrorism and other major security threats. Special emphasis is placed on the role the United States has played in forging and shaping the current world order, including the United Nations and NATO, and the challenges that lie ahead in making the world safe for promoting democracy and ensuring human security. This course requires students to analyze central issues in American foreign policy as they relate to multilateral efforts to deal with critical global issues.


PUAD 5660 Pub-Priv Partnr-intern Admin

The course explores the nature, implications and management of public-private partnerships in international development administration and global governance. It examines the challenges they encounter, the relationships among the various stakeholders (states, inter-governmental organizations, private foundations, private sector and beneficiaries), the internal organizational challenges as well as the changing contexts in which public-private partnerships operate. It also explores their emerging important role in global relations and development.


PUAD 6538 Public Admin & Public Service

An analysis of government organization, management, and administration with primary focus upon the American national administrative structure. Emphasis is placed upon institutional, behavioral, and political factors of contemporary public bureaucracies. MPA students are encouraged to take this course in their first term of enrollment.


PUAD 6548 Crit Think Research Writ-PUAD

This course will provide a foundation for developing critical thinking, research and writing skills applicable to the study of Public Administration. Various methodological approaches including qualitative and quantitative methodologies relevant to the field will be introduced. Basic research methodology and writing in the field will be highlighted.


PUAD 6558 Public Personnel Management

A study of contemporary practices and issues in the management of public employment. Major emphasis is given to merit system development, career systems, motivation, performance evaluation, and traditional personnel functions.


PUAD 6568 Admin Law for the Public Mgr

An examination of law in society and its influence upon public sector operations. Applications of substantive areas of the law such as regulatory processes, administrative adjudication, and due process are addressed.


PUAD 6578 Public Finance & Budgeting

A study of the public fiscal and budgetary decision-making institutions and operations. Sources of revenue, methods of expenditure, allocations of resources and their impact on the economy are given special emphases.


PUAD 6601 Policy Analysis

An integrative, skills-oriented course for policy analysis and policy making. The policy development process is analyzed with respect to the identification of needs, planning, adoption, implementation, and evaluation.


PUAD 6603 Leadership & Organiz Behavior

This course is a study of applied leadership and organizational behavior, especially as it is exercised in the public sector. The course looks at the subject from several historical, biographical, philosophical, contemporary and scholarly perspectives.


PUAD 6605 Quantitative Techniques

Applied systematic analysis for public managers. Stresses analytical approaches to problem definition and the application of statistical techniques to hypothesis testing. Data analysis using computer software is integrated throughout the course.


PUAD 6606 Research Methods

Research Methods II introduces the philosophy, scope, and methods of public sector research. It includes an overview of quantitative and qualitative methods and research design.


PUAD 6615 Administrative Ethics

A study of the major historical systems of moral philosophy, such as Natural Law, Natural Right, Utilitarianism, Kantianism, Nihilism, and Existentialism. Focuses on applying ethical systems to policy and administrative questions.


PUAD 6618 Soc Eq & Div in Public Sect

This course will provide a foundation for contemporary managers to lead and manage a diverse 21st century workforce. This course covers concepts of diversity in public management and how they influence workplace behaviors. The course will focus on cultural and gender assumptions, stereotypes and belief systems. Demographic changes within the U.S. will also be covered as an important factor of leading and working within the public sector. The course will also cover the concepts of a representative bureaucracy and how the legal and political systems have supported inclusion within the public sector workplace.


PUAD 6625 Intergovernmental Relations

A study of intergovernmental structures and issues in public administration throughout the federal system with special emphasis on the state and sub-state levels. Grants and grantsmanship are addressed.


PUAD 6635 Comparative Administration

A comparison of administrative structures and processes in the political systems of the first, second, and third worlds. Emphasizes the effects of administrative decision-making upon the international political system.


PUAD 6689 Career Assessment Project

Capstone course required of all in-service students in the non-thesis option during the final term of course work. Student will assess, orally and in writing, the relationships among public administration education, career development, and current job performance.

0 - 1

PUAD 6700 Capstone Project

Prerequisite: PUAD 6606. The Capstone Project offers each student the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the theory and practice of public administration by applying the knowledge and skills gained in the MPA program to a project of the student's choice.


PUAD 6940 Independent Research

Independent reading and reports arranged by the instructor according to the individual student’s preparation, background, and needs. This course is repeatable for credit.


PUAD 6950 Special Topics

A detailed study of topics such as regulation, alternative service delivery systems, and public administration in the future. Topics to be covered will vary and will be announced prior to registration. This course is repeatable for credit.


PUAD 6960 Internship and/or Cooperative

An individually designed course sequence involving field experience and work in a government agency. This course is repeatable for credit.

0 - 15

PUAD 6971 Thesis Research and Design

Prerequisite: Permission of MPA Coordinator. First course in three-course thesis option. Student prepares detailed prospectus of the research topic, including bibliography, methodology, substantive goals, realistic schedule, and other details deemed necessary by thesis supervisor.


PUAD 6972 Thesis Writing and Development

Prerequisite: PUAD 6971 and permission of MPA Coordinator. Second course in three-course thesis option. Student will prepare chapters of thesis for submission to Thesis Supervisor and Second Reader.


PUAD 6973 Thesis Defense

Prerequisite: PUAD 6972 and permission of MPA Coordinator. Final step in the thesis option. Student will prepare final version of the thesis and defend before a faculty panel.