Graduate Catalog 2019-2021

POLS - Political Science

POLS 5110 Political Theory I

A study of the major historical systems of political philosophy from the Classical Greeks through the sixteenth century. Focuses on how traditional philosophical ideas are expressed in contemporary political discourse.


POLS 5111 Political Theory II

A study of the major historical systems of political philosophy from the seventeenth century to the present. Focuses on how these traditional philosophical ideas are expressed in contemporary political discourse.


POLS 5120 American Political Thought I

A study of American political thought from the Colonial Era through the Civil War period. Special attention is paid to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Convention, the Bill of Rights, and the political controversies involving the Civil War.


POLS 5121 American Political Thought II

A study of American political thought from the late 19th century to the present. The development of liberalism and conservatism in the U.S. and the political thought of the Progressive, New Deal, Great Society, and the Civil Rights periods are emphasized.


POLS 5211 Legislative Pol & Behavior

A study of the legislative process with particular emphasis on Congress. Relationships with the executive branch and with interest groups and the functions of parties and the committee system are emphasized.


POLS 5221 The Presidency

A study of the presidential institution, its environment, and the people who have held the office. Attention is given to presidential roles, powers, and policy making within the executive and legislative branches.


POLS 5231 Public Opinion

A study of the acquisition, distribution, and significance of political opinions held by the American public. Opinion sampling and opinion analysis are emphasized.


POLS 5306 Constitutional Law I

A study of the development and current application of constitutional law, focusing on federal questions, such as the commerce and supremacy clauses and individual political and civil rights questions.


POLS 5307 Constitutional Law II

A study of the development and current application of constitutional law, focusing on criminal procedure questions.


POLS 5401 Public Policy Making

A study of the institutions and processes of policy making with special consideration of the national executive branch. Emphasizes the political environment of the policy making process and various policy areas. (Cross-listed asPUAD 5401.)


POLS 5415 Environmental Policy

A study of the political and economic implications of environmental problems both on a national and international level. (Cross-listed as PUAD 5415.)


POLS 5505 Intro to the European Union

Study of the development and operations of the European Union, including current policy challenges and future prospects. Required for the European Union Studies Certificate program.


POLS 5509 Euro Govt/Culture Study Abroad

A study abroad course that compares law, governmental institutions and processes, political developments, and criminal justice systems. Time is also spent visiting historical and cultural locations. (Cross-listed as PUAD 5509.) This course is repeatable for credit.


POLS 5530 Research Pub Pol Int

Study of the methodology for researching policy issues on the internet and the worldwide Web. It is designed to orient the student on the reliability and validity of public policy issues available in cyberspace.


POLS 5531 Politics of the Middle East

This course explores the contemporary political significance of this region, noting relevant leaders, institutions, power rivalries, elements of cooperation, and patterns of superpower involvement.


POLS 5541 Politics of Modern Africa

An examination of the diverse political systems and regions of contemporary Africa, stressing the historical, governmental, economic and cultural factors essential to an understanding of the African continent.


POLS 5611 Contemporary International Pbl

An examination of the most critical problems in world affairs, with emphasis on those areas which have the greatest potential for increasing the level of tension.


POLS 5621 Comparative Foreign Policy

A comparative examination of superpower and non-superpower foreign policies. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing those factors which may affect the foreign policy of any nation.


POLS 5650 Contemporary Amer Foreign Poli

A study of the development of American foreign policy during the 20th century, emphasizing America’s emergence as a world power and her role of alliance leadership in the nuclear age. (Cross-listed as HIST 5650.)


POLS 5720 The Vietnam War

A comprehensive study of America’s longest war, emphasizing the historical background, political decisions, military strategy/tactics and legacy associated with the conflict. (Cross-listed as HIST 5720.)


POLS 5940 Independent Study

An in-depth individualized study of a particular problem in contemporary political science. This course is repeatable for credit.


POLS 5950 Special Topics

A detailed study of specific subjects, such as domestic and international policies, disarmament, and regional conflict. Topics to be covered will vary and will be announced prior to registration.


POLS 6960 Internship and/or Cooperative

An individually designed course sequence involving field experience and work in a government agency. This course is repeatable for credit.