Graduate Catalog 2019-2021

Non-Degree Categories


A person who holds a baccalaureate degree and wishes to enroll in graduate courses for purposes of self-improvement or enjoyment may be admitted for graduate study as an enrichment student. Should the student later decide to transfer to a degree-seeking category, no more than 12* semester hours of credit earned while in this category may be applied toward a graduate degree program and then only if approved by the coordinator of the degree program in which the student is seeking admission. (See additional limitations under the Conditional and Provisional categories.)

*A maximum of six semester hours of 6000 level courses earned while in enrichment may be applied toward a graduate business degree.


A person who holds a baccalaureate degree and certificate to teach in the State of Georgia and wishes to enroll in graduate courses for the purposes of certificate renewal may be admitted to graduate study as an enrichment student. Students admitted to enrichment classification are not considered to be in pursuit of a degree. Should the student later decide to transfer to a degree seeking category, not more than 12 semester hours of credit earned while in this category may be applied toward a graduate degree program and then, only if approved by the coordinator of the degree program in consultation with the advisor of the planned field of study.

Graduate Transient

A student in good standing at another regionally accredited graduate school who wishes to take courses at Georgia College may be allowed to enroll as a transient student for one semester. In lieu of transcripts and test scores, this student must submit an official letter from the Registrar's Office of the institution in which the student is regularly enrolled, certifying that the student is in good standing and recommending admission to Georgia College as a transient student.

Transient status means that a student is admitted to Georgia College for the specified period of one semester, with the understanding that the student is to return to the student’s home institution at the opening of the next term. Transcripts from coursework completed at GC will not automatically be sent to the home institution and must be requested by the student.

Enrollment in Graduate Classes by Undergraduates

An undergraduate student who is within 6 hours of graduation and who has at least a B academic average in their major subject, may enroll for courses carrying graduate level credit. The courses include those with course numbers ranging from 5000 to 5999. Approval must be obtained from the degree program coordinator prior to registration. No course taken without this approval may be counted for graduate credit. Graduate work taken under this provision may not be used to meet undergraduate requirements. An undergraduate who is permitted to enroll for graduate work as indicated above will be classified as a non-degree undergraduate student until such time as the student has attained regular admission to a graduate degree program.

No more than six semester hours of graduate work may be completed prior to the completion of baccalaureate degree requirements and admission to a graduate program as an applicant for a graduate degree. No student will be allowed to pursue two degrees simultaneously.

Applicants for Constitutional Amendment 23 Admission (Students Aged 62 and Older)

Georgia residents who are 62 years of age or older and who meet all regular and special admission requirements for this category, may register for classes and receive credit without payment of tuition and fees (except the technology fee and laboratory fees which are required of all students) on a space available basis. Students must be admitted to a Georgia College graduate program to be eligible to enroll. Contact the Office of the Registrar for detailed information.

Re-Admission to Graduate School

A student previously registered in a graduate program at Georgia College who has failed to maintain continuous enrollment and who wishes to resume studies after one or more semesters of absence must contact the Office of Graduate Studies for re-admission by the application deadline for that term. Students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing must complete a new application to be considered for re-admission into the program. Only after re-admission is approved may the student register during the usual registration period. If the student has attended any other institution during the period when not registered at Georgia College, official transcripts must be submitted before being considered and classified as having regular status.

Transient Student Procedure

Students wishing to attend another college/university and take courses to count toward their degree at Georgia College must be in good standing, complete a transient permission form and obtain the approval of their faculty advisor prior to enrolling at the other institution. The transient permission form must specify the courses to be taken at the other college/university and the student must have the other college/university send a transcript of the courses taken to the Office of Graduate Studies at Georgia College to receive credit for the work at Georgia College. A maximum of nine credit hours may be transferred towards a degree program and only if approved by the graduate coordinator.* Generally, students are permitted to be transient students away from the University for only one semester. In order to be eligible for transient status a student must have been enrolled within the last five years. Transient courses for College of Business students must be taken from an AACSB-accredited institution.

* The amount of credit that may be applied toward the completion of a degree program varies.  Check with the graduate coordinator of the degree program for more information.