Graduate Catalog 2019-2021

Conditional Admission

Applicants who apply too late for full consideration for admission and/or have not submitted all required documents for evaluation may be assigned conditional admission status. While in this status a student may register for one semester only by completing a Georgia College Conditional Registration Agreement for Graduate Students; this form requires the signatures of both the student and the graduate coordinator. Any student who registers under this agreement must be admitted to either regular or provisional status by the end of the first semester of enrollment. Students may take no more than 12 semester hours of course work in conditional and provisional statuses combined. The amount of credit that may be applied towards the completion of a degree program varies. Check with the graduate coordinator of the degree program for more information.

Students are not eligible to receive financial aid under conditional admission.

Provisional and conditional students who are able to remove the condition that caused them to be designated as provisional or conditional may be eligible for assignment to another classification. A maximum of 12 semester hours earned in this classification can be applied toward meeting the requirements of a degree program. This maximum will be reduced according to the number of hours a student has earned in the enrichment, certification, or transient categories.

For example, a student who has earned 12 semester hours of credit while in the enrichment category is not eligible to apply any of the hours earned as a provisional student toward a degree program. In no instances will more than a total of 12 semester hours from any one or a combination of provisional, conditional, enrichment, certification or transient designations be counted toward a degree program.

Conditional registration provisions may vary by degree program. Please refer to degree program sections of the Catalog for individual program requirements.