Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019



The HUB (Honoring, Uniting, Building) at Georgia College strives to honor and unite the intersectional identities of our campus community while challenging identity-based oppression through education and support. We offer a multitude of programs and opportunities for involvement, as well as a physical, welcoming space for students to gather and be in community with one another.

The HUB is home to the Cultural Center, LGBTQ+ Center, and the Women's Center including Project BRAVE. We are organizationally located under the Division of Student Affairs – Student Development.

Blackbridge Hall, 111 S. Clarke Street

Cultural Center

The Cultural Center ensures that there are adequate programs and initiatives which provide support and advocacy for underrepresented populations, enhances awareness and appreciation of cultural and racial diversity and promotes a campus climate that celebrates all differences. We work collaboratively with student organizations such as the Black Student Alliance and Latino Student Association, in addition to faculty, staff and the local community to integrate an appreciation of diversity into university and civic life. For more information, please contact 478-445-8519 or visit gcsu.edu/culturalcenter

Campus Box 06
Phone: 478-445-8519

LGBTQ+ Center

LGBTQ+ Center works closely with the Georgia College Pride Alliance to support the students, staff and faculty at Georgia College who identify as LGBTQ+. The office is also home to our Safe Space program, a training series that educates our community on LGBTQ+ identities and ways in which to be an ally. For more information, please contact 478-445-8519 or visit gcsu.edu/lgbt

Campus Box 06
Phone: 478-445-8519

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center at Georgia College strives to create a dynamic campus community that challenges gender-based oppression through education, support, and advocacy. Utilizing a feminist and intersectional lens, we work to achieve our mission through:
  • Creating programming promoting healthy sexuality and relationships;
  • Providing opportunities for leadership development and personal empowerment;
  • Collaborating across campus and community for social change;
  • Driving power-based interpersonal violence prevention efforts at GC;
  • Supporting members of our campus community in times of crisis.
The Women's Center (WC) is a place where anyone can come to learn about gender-based issues. We are here because we believe women should be able to live life free from fear of partner violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment. We believe women should be paid equitably, enjoy healthy self-esteem and have confidence that comes from within. For more information, please contact us at 478-445-8519 or visit gcsu.edu/womenscenter

Campus Box 06
Phone: 478-445-8519

Project BRAVE

An initiative of the Women’s Center, the mission of Project BRAVE (Bobcats Rising Against Violence Everywhere) is to:
• implement comprehensive prevention education programs surrounding power-based interpersonal violence (PBIV; i.e. sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking and other sexual violence)
• provide advocacy and support for campus victim/survivors
• create a community where violence prevention is everyone’s responsibility

Project BRAVE has several trainings open to the campus community including our Be BRAVE: Step Up bystander intervention training and BRAVE Ally training. We also work closely with BRAVEheart, the student organization arm of Project BRAVE who host many awareness raising events on campus, and our Project BRAVE Peer Facilitators who are responsible for bringing a number of educational programs and trainings to our campus community. Project BRAVE also offers confidential victim advocacy services to campus victim/survivors of PBIV of all genders. For more information, please contact us at 478-445-8519 or visit gcsu.edu/BRAVE