Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Change of Information

Awards are based on the information students provide on applications for aid.

Change to that information (marital status, number of dependents, place of residence, withdrawal from period of enrollment, reduction in the number of hours carried, change in academic program, Social Security or Veteran's benefits, etc.) must be reported promptly in writing to our office for a determination of the impact, if any, on the amount of funds awarded to you. It is often necessary to revise awards, especially if federal or state funds are a part of the award, in order to avoid exceeding your demonstrated financial eligibility. We must, therefore, reserve the right to review and /or modify your award at any time. Failure to contact us may jeopardize continuation of your aid, cause cancellation of aid, or require repayment of funds already disbursed to you. All awards are contingent upon the availability of funds.