Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019


RHET 4100 Instructional Communication

Introduction to theory and research in Instructional Communication. Students will explore the major paradigms of recent research on teacher effectiveness and communication in instructional settings, examine a variety of selected lines of programmatic research in Instructional Communication, and conduct an original research project focused on an aspect of communication in the classroom.


RHET 4305 Classical Rhetorical Theory

Prerequisite: RHET 2350. Historical overview and analysis of the classical foundations of Western rhetorical theory with an emphasis on Greek and Roman contributions. Students will have the opportunity to apply classical rhetorical theories and principles to contemporary issues.


RHET 4310 Performance of Comedy

Prerequisite RHET 2350 or permission of instructor. An examination of theory and practice of humor and comedy within a given performative tradition. Looks at various genres of comedic discourse, and examines the implications for the individual and the culture.


RHET 4315 Modern/Postmodern Rhet Theory

Prerequisite: RHET 2350. A survey of rhetorical theory highlighting selected theorists from the Renaissance through the present. Students will have the opportunity to apply rhetorical theory to actual rhetorical events and situations.


RHET 4320 Performance of Poetry

An examination of theory, practice, and history of the performance of poetry. The course covers poetry reading, the oral interpretation of poetry, and slam poetry.


RHET 4400 American Public Discourse

Prerequisite: RHET 2350. A study of significant rhetorical dimensions and issues in American history.


RHET 4500 Rhetorical Criticism

Prerequisite: RHET 2350. A study designed to develop a student's ability to criticize public discourse, including speeches, written work, and the mass media.


RHET 4950 Special Topics

Prerequisite: RHET 1110 and instructor approval. Topics of special interest not normally offered in the Rhetoric curriculum. This course is repeatable for credit.


RHET 4970 Thesis

Research, writing, and presentation of a substantial scholarly/creative project developed in conjunction with a faculty advisor or group of faculty advisors.

1 - 3

RHET 4980 Study Abroad

See the International Studies section of the catalog for details. This course is repeatable for credit.

1 - 15

RHET 4990 Rhetorical Practicum

An application of rhetorical praxis to a specific situation. This course is to be taken in the student's last semester.

1 - 15

RHET 4999 Undergraduate Research

Research project undertaken as preparation for a scholarly or creative presentation.

1 - 4