Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019


PHYS 4100 Adv Electricity & Magnetism

Prerequisite: PHYS 3100. A course on the following advanced topics of electromagnetism: electromagnetic radiation; the Lorentz Transformation; four vectors, tensors, and the invariance of Maxwell's equations; the Coulomb and Lorentz Gauges; and gauge invariance.


PHYS 4251 Intro to General Relativity

Prerequisite: PHYS 3005 and PHYS 3010. An introduction to the theories of special and general relativity and their applications to cosmology and space-time. Offered only in the fall of even years. (Physics Capstone)


PHYS 4261 Intro to Nuclear Physics

Prerequisite: PHYS 2212 and PHYS 3321. An introduction to the physics of the atomic nucleus with an emphasis on experimental methods. Offered only in the spring of odd years. (Physics Capstone)


PHYS 4321 Advanced Quantum Physics

Prerequisite: PHYS 3321. An introduction to non-relativistic quantum physics of systems of particles in multiple dimensions.


PHYS 4600L Advanced Physics Lab

Prerequisites: PHYS 3010 and PHYS 3600L. Laboratory course designed for senior level physics majors to explore experimental techniques and topics of modern physics. Required of physics majors. Additional laboratory fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.


PHYS 4900 21st Century Physics

Prerequisite: Department approval. Offered in spring semesters. This course highlights recent developments in physics not covered in other courses. The course will focus on one field of physics according to available faculty expertise and student interest. Communication on student interests and topics will occur during 2nd year seminar courses. (Physics Capstone)


PHYS 4920 Senior Seminar

Prerequisite: PHYS 3920. Presentation and discussion ofo issues in modern physics. Required of all senior physics majors. Additional laboratory fees required; see semester course schedule for amount. Offered only in the spring.


PHYS 4950 Special Topics

Prerequisite: Department approval. This course is repeatable for credit.

1 - 4

PHYS 4960 Internship

Prerequisites: minimum 15 semester hours of physics and department chairperson approval. A course designed to give physics majors an internship opportunity in their field of study.

1 - 15

PHYS 4980 Special Topics: Study Abroad

Prerequisite: Approval of department chairperson. Selected advanced topics in physics taught in a study abroad program.


PHYS 4999 Research

Prerequisites: 8 Credits of Physics, an additional 8 credits of mathematics, astronomy or chemistry, approval of department chairman. Course designed to offer the student a meaningful experience in scientific research. This course is repeatable for credit.

0 - 4