Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

LEAD - Leadership

LEAD 2010 Principles of Leadership I

Prerequisite: Selection into the GC Leadership Certificate Program (LCP). Students examine the principles and practices of effective leadership, reflect on past experiences, and consider current responsibilities and expectations in order to evaluate actions and discuss lessons learned. Note: This course is required for students participating in the LCP.


LEAD 2011 Principles of Leadership II

Prerequisite: Lead 2010. Students will continue the examination and exploration of leadership beyond LEAD 2010. Students will further clarify values, assess and develop skills, set and pursue goals, practice effective leadership, reflect on experience and discuss lessons learned. Students will articulate a complelling vision and authentic personal philosophy of leadership. This course is non-repeatable for credit. Note. This course is required for students participating in the Georgia College Leadership Certificate Program (LCP).


LEAD 2020 Leadership Practicum

This course provides opportunities for students to assume leadership responsibilities with a partnering GC organization, campus initiative, or special project in order to gain direct leadership experience, apply the leadership lessons they have learned while participating in the Leadership Certificate Program, and further the mission and goals of the chosen partnering organization, campus initiative, or special project. Students will reflect on and discuss their leadership actions as they pursue and fulfill their respective leadership roles and responsibilities within their selected organizations. Note: This course serves as a commitment of the Leadership Certificate Program. To fulfills this commitment, students must complete the course with a grade of "C" or above. This course is repeatable for credit.

1 - 3

LEAD 2100 Georgia Education Mentorship

Prerequisite: Selection into the Georgia Education Mentorship Program (GEM). Students shadow executive mentors, participate in leadership and professional development programming, and complete related assignments. This course is required for students participating in the GCSU Georgia Education Mentorship (GEM) Program and serves as an option for one of the requirements of the GCSU Leadership Certificate Program (LCP). This course is repeatable for credit.