Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019


GCSU 1010 Student Success

GCSU 1010 is a one credit hour course that focuses on issues related to successful campus and community living.


GCSU 1015 Strategies for Learning

A course designed to help freshmen develop strategies and skills necessary to become more autonomous and successful learners in the university setting. Areas of study include motivation, time management, test-taking techniques, effective note-taking, memory enhancement, appropriate study routines, and communication with professors.

1 - 3

GCSU 1020 Student Leadership

A one credit hour course that serves to develop a fundamental understanding of effective leadership skills.


GCSU 1030 Career Planning

A course for junior and senior level students to assist them in preparing for the world of work. GCSU 1030 focuses on resume development and avenues for researching career tools and corporate information.