Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019


EDMG 4001 Field Placement III

Prerequisite: EDMG 3002. As part of the teacher education program, the student demonstrates in public school classrooms the abilities to draw on deep content knowledge in order to plan, implement and evaluate curriculum; to foster and to assess student learning; to identify and plan for the needs of diverse learners; to contribute to the educational life of the school and community.


EDMG 4150 FB Soc of Mdl Schls/Dem Clsrms

This course is designed to teach middle grades teacher candidates about critical topics in middle level education such as the organization and context of middle grade schools, how to create communities of learners, and to have them conduct action research on significant topics related to middle level learning.


EDMG 4218 Dev & Assess Logical Thought

Methods for promoting logical thought throughout the middle grades curriculum.


EDMG 4243 FB Capstone Experience

Prerequisite: EDMG 4001. Co-requisite: EDMG 4960. This experience is planned with the Mentor Leader and may involve the public schools. There will be graded assignments associated with the course such as the presentation at a state level conference and an exit portfolio presentation that will be used to evaluate student performance with letter grades from A-F.


EDMG 4245 FB Middle Grades Curriculum

Emphasis on characteristics of early adolescents, personalized curricula for middle school students, strategies for motivating the adolescent learner, and methodology for acquiring desired objectives.


EDMG 4250 FB Inquiry and Reflection

Methods for promoting inquiry and reflection throughout the middle grades curriculum.


EDMG 4950 Special Topics in Mid Grd Curr

Debate, discussion, and research on middle grades education leading to an action research project to enhance the education of middle grades children in Middle Georgia. This course is repeatable for credit.

1 - 12

EDMG 4960 Internship

Prerequisite: EDMG 4001. Additional special course fee required; see schedule for amount. An individually designed and planned learning experience involving field experience. Must be approved by department chairperson. Performance assessments will be used by the Mentor Leader in collaboration with the Field Supervisor and Host Teacher in order to evaluate students. This course is repeatable for credit. Additional special course fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.