Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019


EDEC 4000 Bldg Lrn Comm Stdnt Teachers

Focuses on the development of and participation in learning communities to support student learning and the professional development of teachers.


EDEC 4001 Field Placement and Seminar 3

Prerequisite: EDEC 3002. As part of the teacher education program, the student demonstrates in public school classrooms the abilities to draw on deep content knowledge in order to plan, implement and evaluate curriculum; to foster and to assess student learning; to identify and plan for the needs of diverse learners; to contribute to the educational life of the school and community.


EDEC 4212 FB Asses Early Lrnrs and Needs

The development of classroom assessment strategies and the interpretation of standardized test results as a means to meet children's developmental needs.


EDEC 4218 FB Log Thought Young Children

Focuses on the thinking processes of young children and on concepts appropriate for young children.


EDEC 4243 FB Capstone Experience

Prerequisite: EDEC 4001. This experience is planned with the Mentor Leader and may involve the public schools. There will be assignments associated with the course such as a presentation at a state level conference and an exit portfolio presentation that will be used to evaluate student performance.


EDEC 4950 Special Topics Early Child Ed

Debate, discussion, research in early childhood education leading to an action research project to enhance the education of young children.

1 - 12

EDEC 4960 Internship

Prerequisite: EDEC 4001. Additional special course fee required; see schedule for amount. An individually designed and planned learning experience involving field experience. Must be approved by department chairperson. Performance assessments will be used by the Mentor Leader in collaboration with the Field Supervisor and Host Teacher in order to evaluate students. This course is repeatable for credit. Additional special course fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.

1 - 15