Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

CBIS - Computer Based Information Sys

CBIS 2220 Principles of Info Systems

Prerequisite: CSCI 1000 or CBIS 1000 or CBIS 2215. The course covers the principles of the management of information systems and technology to improve business processes, improve decision making, and gain competitive advantage. Topics include the study, design, development, implementation, management, support of computer based systems, data communications, and information security. Additional special course fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.


CBIS 2810 IS/CS Professional Development

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or higher. This course serves as an introduction to the information systems, information technology, and computer science professions with an emphasis on professional development. Students will examine issues such as ethics, professional conduct, certifications, and life-long learning along with basic business and dining etiquette.


CBIS 2811 IS/CS Career Preparation

Prerequisite: CBIS 2810. This course serves as an introduction to career preparation for management information systems and computer science majors. Students will understand the different career paths available, the importance of networking, and the role of the various professional user groups and societies within the field.


CBIS 3120 Intro Enterprise Resource Plan

This course introduces students to enterprise systems (also called Enterprise Resourse Planning or ERP systems) and provides an overview of managerial and technical issues in planning, designing, implementing, and extending enterprise systems and technologies. The focus of the course is managerial with some technical content and hands-on exercises using ERP software from industry-leaders such as SAP, MicroSoft, IBM and others. Prerequisite: CBIS 2220.


CBIS 3210 Business Analysis

This course deals with business analysis and systems design with traditional and object oriented methods and techniques. This course includes process modeling for requirements analysis for business process design and redesign, business systems analysis, and design through systems development life cycle phases. Prerequisite: CBIS 2220.


CBIS 3211 Info Tech Hardware & Software

Prerequisite: CBIS 2220. This course provides the hardware/software technology background to enable systems development personnel to understand tradeoffs in computer architecture for effective use in a business environment. System architecture for single user; central and networked computing systems; single and multi-user operating systems are also covered.


CBIS 3212 Introduction to Programming

Prerequisites: CBIS 2220 and major/minor restriction. This course presents object oriented and procedural software engineering methodologies in data definition and measurement, abstract data type construction and use in developing screen editors, reports and other IS applications using data structures including indexed files.


CBIS 3213 Intro Information Technology

Prerequisite: CBIS 2220. This course provides students an in-depth knowledge of information technology, including security, hardware, software, and data communications. Emphasis is on the analysis and design of information technology in organizations. This course also provides students with the fundamentals of project management.


CBIS 3214 Intro to Database Management

Prerequisite: CBIS 2220. This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of database management, including aspects of data models, database languages, and database design.


CBIS 3216 Persnl Prod w/ Comp & Info Tec

Prerequisites: CSCI 1000 or permission of instructor. This course enables students to improve their skills as knowledge workers through effective and efficient use of packaged software. It covers both individual and group work. The emphasis is on productivity concepts and how to achieve them through functions and features in computer software. Design and development of solutions focus on small systems.


CBIS 3217 Business Publishing

Prerequisite: CSCI 1000. A study of the principles, skills, and concepts of desktop publishing and web page design to produce business publications. During the course the student will create examples of typical business publications such as newsletter, brochures, catalogs, and web publications.


CBIS 3218 Web Design Tools

Prerequisites: CSCI 1000. This course is designed to introduce the student to software programs and equipment which allow the development of effective business presentations. A major focus of the course will be on the layout and design concepts to create and publish web pages, including visuals, images, hyperlinks, tables, and forms for web publications. During the course the student will create a variety of business presentations.


CBIS 3219 Web Development

Prerequisite: CBIS 2220 and major/minor restriction. This course provides for the building of browser-oriented applications for intranet and extranet uses. Students will build complex applications using web technologies. The course will include In-depth coverage of markup languages such as the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (DHTML), and the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML). Extensive use will be made of forms, cascading style sheet, graphics, and cookies. There is also a focus on the principles of good design.


CBIS 4120 Bus Intelligence & Analytics

This course introduces the concepts, practices, technologies and systems of business intelligence and analytics. Business analytics supports enterprise level data management, analysis, reporting, decision making and leads to prodictive analytics. This course focuses on helping students understand how best to leverage business intelligence and analytics to become more effective decision makers, making smarter decisions and generating better results for their organizations. Students have an opportunity to apply the concepts, principles, and methods associated with many areas of analytics (text, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive) to real problems in an application domain. Prerequisite: CBIS 3120.


CBIS 4140 Enterprise Perf Mgmt Systems

This course introduces the implementation and design practices for enterprise performance management (EPM) systems with a focus on dashboards, balanced scorecard, and value-based management. EPM is a management field of Business Performance Management which considers the visibility of operations in a closed-loop model across all facets of the enterprise. Based on the mission and vision of an organization, different strategic needs may drive how EPM domains are leveraged and promoted within an organization. Students will explore the four disciplines that define and cover an EPM process model: strategy formulation, business planning and forecasting, filnancial management and supply claim effectiveness. Prerequisite: CBIS 4120.


CBIS 4210 Business Application Dev

Prerequisite: CBIS 3210 and CBIS 3214. This course presents object oriented and procedural software engineering methodologies. Students gain knowledge and experience in building business applications and system analysis design.


CBIS 4214 Web Application Integration

Prerequisite: CBIS 3210, CBIS 3214 and CBIS 4210. This course is a capstone course which helps the student integrate all concepts taught in the CBIS curriculum. The students will learn about, and employ, web based scripting languages to manage the creation and deployment of a web-based application. Content of the course is project based and stresses knowledge gained in the prerequisite classes.


CBIS 4215 Electronic Commerce

Junior Standing. Examination of electronic commerce in a global market. Course includes strategies for electronic commerce, Web-based electronic commerce opportunities, Web site design and evaluation, and technology and supporting applications.


CBIS 4216 Adv Web App Integration

Prerequisites: CBIS 3218 and CBIS 4214. The third course in the PHP series, this course is designed for students who hope to enter the web application development community. Students are exposed to API calls. Students also learn to work more deeply in teams and with version control. Students also learn to write plugins for the popular WordPress application. Projects are used in this course.


CBIS 4217 Computer Security

Prerequisite: CBIS 3213. Students are exposed to both the technical and managerial aspects of computer security. Each of the ten security domains are covered in this course. Successful students should be able to pass the Security Pro Exam. This means students can implement layered security through group policy objects, access control lists, wireless and wired local area network security measures, and workstation and mobile device security measures.


CBIS 4218 Advanced Networking

Prerequisite: CBIS 3213. Students are exposed to advanced network switches and routers. Students utilize real world labs to design and implement labs using advanced networking techniques. Students who successfully complete this course should be able to sit for the Cisco ICND1 and ICND2 exams, as well as the CCNA exam. Students should also be able to pass both of the TestOut Switching Pro and Routing Pro Exams.


CBIS 4225 System Administration

Prerequisite: CBIS 3213. This is an advanced course in design, construction, and administration of information networks. The students gain experience in network tools including management, troubleshooting, and optimization. Students also gain hands-on experience in the set-up and administration of network servers. Internet and intranet concepts are explored. This course is non-repeatable.


CBIS 4505 Special Topics

This course meets special needs of the students and/or the community. Permission of instructor is required prior to registration.

1 - 4

CBIS 4600 Internship

Prerequisite: Department chair or program coordinator approval. Individually designed and planned learning experience involving field experience and study in the private or public sector. This course is repeatable.


CBIS 4605 Internship

Junior Standing. Individually designed and planned learning experience involving field experience and study in the private or public sector. Approval of the department chairperson is required prior to registration.

1 - 9

CBIS 4805 Independent Study

Junior Standing. Investigation of a topic of special interest, with reports given to the instructor. Approval of the department chairperson is required prior to registration.

1 - 3

CBIS 4980 Study Abroad

See the International Studies section of the catalog for details. This course is repeatable for credit.