Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Program Admission

Admission Policy

After acceptance at the University students are considered undeclared majors with the intent to major in Education until they have applied and are admitted into one of the cohort programs that begins the Fall of the junior year. Applications for individual programs are found online beginning in October each year. Faculty committees determine which students are accepted into the cohorts, and teacher candidates are selected based on qualifications. If a student is not accepted into a cohort or if an accepted student does not attend, a new application must be made for consideration for the next year.

Completed applications must be returned to the John H. Lounsbury College of Education by the third Friday in January for the applicant to interview as part of the admission process. All interviews are scheduled in Milledgeville.

Teacher candidates are notified of the admission decision during spring semester. Every attempt is made to notify students early enough so that they may utilize the pre-registration period that term if necessary. Candidates accepted to an undergraduate cohort must have a laptop computer with wireless capability.

Each applicant to one of the undergraduate initial degree/certification programs must complete and satisfy the following minimum criteria:

  1. Complete Cohort Application Packet submitted by the third Friday in January.
  2. Three professional letters of recommendation using the GC format.
  3. Official copy of transcript(s) or transguide (if GC student) including the current fall semester.
  4. Minimal GPA of 2.75.
  5. Passing scores or exemption on the GACE Program Admission Assessment.
  6. Completion of all core areas before cohort begins in the fall
  7. Area F in Core completed with C or higher in each course
  8. Clear background check including the Pre-service Criminal Record Check
  9. Documented structured experiences with children the level the applicant wishes to teach.
  10. Satisfactory completion of interview by faculty.
  11. Must provide documentation of having completed Georgia Educator Ethics Program Entry (350). candidates must take, but do not have to pass, the assessment
  12. If transferring from another institution, a copy of GC Admission letter is required.
  13. Required forms completed for Pre-Service Certification through the PSC.
  14. PreService Certification issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission
  15. Completion of all legislative requirements is preferred.