Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Biology Minor

Minor Requirements

Required Course and Lab

Satisfactorily complete one of the following courses and its accompanying lab:

BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I


BIOL 1107LPrinciples of Biology I Lab


BIOL 1108Principles of Biology II


BIOL 1108LPrinciples of Biology II Lab


Total Credit Hours:4


Elective Courses

Satisfactorily complete one 2000-level, 4 hour BIOL course appropriate for the student's upper-level biology interest, except BIOL 2160, BIOL 2170, and BIOL 2180.

Satisfactorily complete 9-10 hours of upper-level BIOL courses appropriate for the student's biology interest, except BIOL 3000, independent study, internship, research, or capstone courses.

Total Credit Hours:13-14
Please consult with the biology minor advisor as early as possible to identify your interest in the biology minor and to help plan the courses accordingly.

Additional Minor Requirements

Satisfactorily complete all minor requirements listed in the academic policies section of this catalog.

Both lecture and co-requisite lab courses must be taken, and a grade of C or better is required.

BIOL 1107 and BIOL 1107L taken to fulfill Area D core requirements cannot be applied for the minor requirement.

Upper-level courses in a student's major curriculum cannot be used toward the biology minor.

Some of the upper level courses may have specific prerequisites that must be taken prior to signing up for the course.  Courses taken as prerequisites that are not part of the minor and do not count toward a student's major curriculum will count in the elective area.

Total Credit Hours: 17-18