Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Biology B.S.

Degree Requirements

Areas A-E (see Core section of the Catalog) (42 semester hours)

Area F (18 semester hours)

BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I


BIOL 1107LPrinciples of Biology I Lab


BIOL 1108Principles of Biology II


BIOL 1108LPrinciples of Biology II Lab


BIOL 2100Genetics


BIOL 2800Ecology


2 Credit hours from 1000 or 2000 level courses that are relevant to the major (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Math, etc)

(Any transfer student who has not completed the courses in Area F, or their equivalents, must take these courses at GC.)

Major Requirements (27 semester hours)

BIOL 3000Seminar


BIOL 3200Cellular & Molecular Physiolog


BIOL 3400Organismal Physiology


BIOL 3700Evolution


Upper Division Classes (18 hours)

Any 3000-4000 level BIOL course except: BIOL 3000, BIOL 3200, BIOL 3400, BIOL 3700, and Senior Capstone Course.

A total of 6 credit hours of any of the following courses may count towards the 18 hours of upper division classes. Additional credit hours may count with permission of the chair. No more than 3 credit hours of any one of these courses may be counted without permission of the chair: BIOL 3999, BIOL 4940, BIOL 4960, BIOL 4980, and BIOL 4999

Cognate Requirements (8-16 semester hours)

Two of the courses listed below may be taken in Area D for Science Majors. Additional hours required.

CHEM 1211Principles of Chemistry I


CHEM 1211LPrinciples of Chemistry Lab I


CHEM 1212Principles of Chemistry II


CHEM 1212LPrinciples of Chemistry Lab II


CHEM 3361Organic Chemistry I


CHEM 3361LOrganic Chemistry Lab I


PHYS 1111Introductory Physics I


PHYS 1111LIntroductory Physics Lab I


PHYS 2211Principles of Physics I


PHYS 2211LPrinciples of Physics Lab I



Foreign Language Requirement (3-6 semester hours)

Students must demonstrate competence in a foreign language at the level of the second university course (1002).

Senior Capstone Requirement (3 semester hours)

Students should choose one of the following options: BIOL 4890, BIOL 4910, BIOL 4920, BIOL 4961, BIOL 4980, Special Topics (BIOL 4952, BIOL 4953) or Capstone Research BIOL 4996. (BIOL 4961 and 4996 must be arranged with supervising professor.)

Any semester or yearlong study abroad experience within the major can also fulfill the capstone requirement.  Student should discuss this choice with their faculty mentor.

Electives (9-19 semester hours)

Total Credit Hours: 120

Grade Requirement

  1. Minimum grade of C in Principles I and II (BIOL 1107/1108) is prerequisite to all Biology 2000 level courses and up.
  2. A grade of C or better must be earned in Area F, Cognate area and 2000/3000 courses required for the major.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, courses may not be repeated for additional academic credit. Courses may be repeated to raise a grade, but the hours credited will only count once toward total hours earned.

Additional Degree Requirements

  1. A minimum of 39 hours must be at the 3000-4000 level.
  2. Complete First Year Academic Seminar with a satisfactory grade. Students who transfer to GC are exempt from this requirement.
  3. Seniors must take and obtain a minimum score of 140 on the ETS Biology Major Field Test during their senior year. Students who fail the exam must retake and pass it before they will be allowed to graduate.