Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Art B.A. - Museum Studies Concentration

The Museum Studies concentration is a focused study on museums and future employment opportunities within the museum field. Studies culminate in a public presentation, at a professional level, of an original creative research project produced during the senior year.

Degree Requirements

Core Areas A-E

Satisfactorily complete core Areas A-E, as listed in the Core Curriculum section of this catalog.

Total Credit Hours:42

Core Area F

Satisfactorily complete each of the following courses:

ARTS 1000Drawing I


ARTS 1200Two-Dimensional Design


ARTS 1201Three-Dimensional Design


ARTS 1620Intro to the Computer in Art


ARTS 2800The Ancient & Medieval Worlds


ARTS 2810From Renaissance to Mod World


Total Credit Hours:18


Satisfactorily complete each of the following courses.  Two internships are required.

ARTS 2400Museum Studies I


ARTS 3400Museum Stds II: Exhibit Design


ARTS 4400Museum Stds III: Theory & Dev


ARTS 4420Museum Stds IV: Museum Admin


ARTS 4960Internship

1 - 15

ARTS 3-4000 levelArt History or Studio electives


Total Credit Hours:24


Satisfactorily complete four 4000-level classes in Art History, including one non-western Art History course.

Total Credit Hours:12

Senior Capstone

Satisfactorily complete each of the following courses:

ARTS 4996Museum Stds: Sr Curator Rsch


ARTS 4997Museum Stds: Thesis & Cur Pres


Total Credit Hours:6

Foreign Language Requirement

Demonstrate competence in one foreign language at the level of the fourth university course (2002).

Total Credit Hours:3-12


Students are strongly encouraged to use their elective hours to develop a minor concentration in another field related to their career aspirations or chose a secondary area in art (Fine Art Studio, Graphic Design, Art History). It is strongly recommended that students take ARTS 2630 Graphic Design Studio I and additional Art History classes to fulfill elective hours.

Total Credit Hours:6-15

Additional Degree Requirements

Satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements listed in the academic policies section of this catalog.

Earn a grade of C or higher in all ARTS courses.

Total Credit Hours: 120