Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Preveterinary Medicine

Suggested major: Biology

Veterinary medicine frequently deals with the recognition, treatment, control, and prevention of disease among animals. The traditional functions, including treatment of companion, sport, food, and fiber animals have continued to be a major concern of veterinarians, but new areas are rapidly emerging. To name a few: cancer research, immunology, genetics, public health, and legal and environmental medicine. Jobs for veterinarians are found in both private and public sectors, including federal and state government, universities, and various cooperatives. The Veterinarian Medicine school at UGA offers the traditional DVM degree and several others.

Application to Veterinary School

At least a year before matriculation, pre-veterinary students hoping to attend UGA must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and the GRE Biology subject test, and the analytical writing portion of the GRE. UGA calculates students' GPA's in a complicated manner that emphasizes science and a student's most recent college coursework. Other schools require the GRE, though some will take the MCAT instead. Candidates who have some acquaintance with the veterinary profession working with both large and small animal care are preferred. This may be accomplished through having a farm background or through work with a community veterinarian. Undergraduates should seek opportunities to cultivate such experience and knowledge before applying.