Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Study Abroad

The International Education Center facilitates and coordinates academic study and internship opportunities overseas, assists students in selecting programs, and provides expert information, guidance, and assistance to students through every stage of their international experience. Programs abroad include approved short and longer-term study, exchange, and internship opportunities offered by Georgia College, by other institutions of the University System of Georgia, as well as those offered by accredited institutions worldwide. Such opportunities enable students to add an international dimension to their degree programs, further their development of the skills needed for success in a global economy, and increase their proficiency in foreign languages. Equally, students have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of - and appreciation for – inclusivity and diverse cultures, institutions, and methods and acquire a greater share of self-confidence, maturity, and a sense of one's place and responsibilities in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

Programs are available in exciting locations throughout the world, and in most majors, and range in scope from discipline-specific short-term programs led by Georgia College faculty to semester programs at many of the world’s most famous institutions. Semester abroad programs at locations where English is not the native language of instruction increasingly have instruction in English, and custom solutions for specialized majors or interests are likewise available. Georgia College supports the missions of organizations such as Mobility International USA to make study abroad inclusive and accessible to all.

Federal financial aid, plus HOPE or Zell Miller scholarships towards in-state tuition, is available to eligible students. See the Georgia College Financial Aid office for details. Information about other scholarship possibilities is available from the International Education Center or its website. With advance planning, it is possible for students to spend an entire year abroad.

All students participating in study abroad programs must be in good standing with Georgia College. Semester students, including exchange students, must have a minimum GPA of 2.75; summer participants, a 2.0. With the prior approval of the student’s academic program abroad by their academic advisor, department chairperson, and a review of their application by the International Education Center, students who successfully complete their coursework abroad may have their credits applied towards their core and/or major requirements for graduation.

International Education Center: Bone House, 141 S. Clarke St. 478-445-4789. www.gcsu.edu/international