Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Study Abroad

The International Education Center organizes study opportunities abroad and then advises and assists students to participate in the various approved study, exchange and internship programs abroad offered by Georgia College, the University System of Georgia and other accredited academic institutions. Studying abroad enables students to increase knowledge of a foreign language, provides the opportunity to gain insight into and appreciation for the cultures and institutions of other peoples, facilitates the development of relevant career skills and contributes to personal maturity, a sense of independence, self-knowledge and confidence.

To participate in study abroad, a student must be in good standing. Semester exchange students must have at least a 2.75 GPA. With prior written approval from the Assistant Vice President for International Education and the student’s advisor, credit for study abroad can be applied toward core or major degree requirements for graduation. Students will be advised exactly how they should register for their courses abroad. The specific study abroad or exchange program will be tailored to fit each student’s course of study. The number of credits awarded will be determined in advance of registration and study. Grading will be based on evaluation reports of the exchange institution or study abroad program.

Many summer, semester and academic year study opportunities are available in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia and Europe. In addition, the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Business, Education and Health Sciences have specific programs geared toward the needs of their own students. For further information contact the International Education Center in The Bone House or telephone (478) 445-4789.

Regular federal and state financial aid can often assist students to study abroad. For details contact the Financial Aid Office in 103 Parks Hall or telephone (478) 445-5149. In addition, special study abroad scholarships available through the International Education Center in The Bone House can enable students to study abroad who could not otherwise participate.  For details, call (478) 445-4789.

Study abroad program and scholarship information is available from the International Education Center website at