Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Student Disability Resource Center

At Georgia College, we want every student to feel welcome and supported from the beginning of their college journey, and we want to be part of that experience.  Students are surrounded by a community that strives to create an informed, accessible environment. Our goal as the Student Disability Resource Center keeps students in mind, as we are here to help them fully participate in and benefit from all aspects of college life. To ensure your time at Georgia College is met with ease and comfort, we provide services to students with documented disabilities including assistance with accommodations in courses, programs, activities, transportation and more. Prospective and current students may contact the Student Disability Resource Center at any time with any questions about accommodations.

To receive services from the Student Disability Resource Center, students must:

1. Complete and submit a Request for Services Form. The form that should be completed and mailed, faxed to 478-445-1959, or delivered in person to Russell Library, room 109.

2. Provide Disability Documentation. Students must provide documentation from an appropriate licensed professional that documents their impairment(s). Along with the documentation, students can also include any records of accommodations/services provided in previous academic settings (e.g. IEP, SOP, Section 504 Plans, or letters from other collegiate institutions).

3. Schedule a registration meeting. This will give the student an opportunity to learn about the Student Disability Resource Center as well as discuss the student’s disability, how it may affect him/her in an academic environment, and request appropriate accommodations.

For additional information, please visit the Student Disability Resource Center's website