Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Special Education M.A.T.

The initial certification Special Education programs at Georgia College prepare candidates for initial licensure to teach P-12 learners with high incidence disabilities. The programs are aligned with the Council for Exceptional Children Initial Content Standards and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission Special Education General Curriculum requirements and standards. The programs are further aligned with the COE Conceptual Framework principles, and guiding model, “Educators as Architects of Change.”

A primary component of our special education programs is our cohort-based, field-based, and mentor led model of teacher preparation. In the cohort-based mentor led approach, candidates experience a program of carefully sequenced coursework with the support of a faculty mentor. This model establishes a community of learners for sharing experiences, viewpoints, and feedback to foster the construction of knowledge. Through this model, our candidates are actively engaged in a learning community to guide their development of knowledge and skills aligned with the CEC standards.

Through sequenced coursework and assessments, it is the goal of the program for candidates to gain skills and knowledge in designing and implementing research-based programs in field-based settings and for graduates of the program to possess the knowledge and skills to become leaders in their schools and to positively impact school and system practices.

The program listed below leads to initial certification in Special Education. This program is open to students who do not currently hold any teaching certificate as well as those who hold a provisional teaching certificate in the state of Georgia. The M.A.T. program in Special Education is configured as a cohort which means teacher-candidates enroll and matriculate as one group under the supervision of faculty in the special education program. Students should consult the Georgia College website for further information and requirements.

Program Admissions Requirements

  • Two professional recommendations (pdf) using the College of Education format
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
  • Verification of immunization (pdf)
  • Obtain a Georgia pre-service certification ( , which includes
    • Obtaining a MyPSC account with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission
    • Submit to a background check and receive acceptable results. (This process will be done during the application process.)
    • Pass (or exempt) the GACE Basic Assessment (Exemption scores are SAT 1000 or higher; ACT combined English and math 45 or higher) 
    • Complete the Ethic 350 Assessment through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission
Program of Study

Only those courses listed on the Program of Graduate Study fulfill degree requirements. Substitutions must be approved by the advisor prior to course enrollment. The appropriate form and documentation must be submitted with your request. Substitutions must be approved by the advisor prior to course enrollment and a Change of Graduate Program of Study form submitted to the appropriate departmental chairperson prior to enrollment. Transfer credits are not accepted.  The Master of Arts in Teaching - Special Education requires a minimum of 42 semester hours of coursework. This degree program must be completed within six years, beginning with the initial date of coursework. This program of study is configured as a 5-semester cohort. Also, there is a required orientation (either online or face-to-face, based on the program) that is held at the beginning of the program.

Program of Study

Course list

EDEX 6000Survey of Special Education I


EDEX 6117Behavior Management


EDEX 6610Internship I

1 - 9

EDEX 6120Survey of Special Education II


EDEX 6050Literacy Strategies and Inst


EDEX 6611Internship II

1 - 9

EDEX 6118Assessment in Special Educ


EDEX 6121Inst Strategies & Procedures I


EDEX 6612Internship III

1 - 9

EDRD 5211Literacy For Special Education


EDEX 6122Curriculum & Methods IR 2


EDEX 6613Internship IV


EDEX 6114Collabor-Fam/Execeptonal Indiv

1 - 3

EDEX 6115Language Development


EDEX 6615Special Education MAT Capstone


Total Credit Hours: 45


The Program Coordinator, in cooperation with the admissions committees and the Department Chair, assigns each fully admitted teacher-candidate to an Advisor.  It is the responsibility of the candidate to meet with this Advisor and remain in contact throughout the program.

Dismissal Policy

A graduate student will be placed on graduate academic probation if the student's institutional graduate grade point average falls below a 3.00 at any point during his or her graduate studies. If a student is placed on graduate academic probation and the GPA remains below 3.0 after the probation semester, then the student will be academically dismissed from the program.  Any course in which a student earns less than a C cannot be counted for graduate credit in Special Ed graduate programs. Since students in graduate programs are configured as cohorts, students earning grades of D will not continue to the following semester with their cohort. Additionally, standards-based performance assessments are embedded in program coursework and are used as decision points to evaluate graduate student competency for program continuation each semester in all graduate programs. In addition to letter grade requirements, the graduate student must satisfactorily complete all required assessments for program continuation.  All coursework must be passed in each semester for students to progress to the next semester.  In cases of S/U internship courses a grade of U is considered not passing. Students will also fail if they plagiarize work and be referred to the Judicial Council for a violation of the Honor Code.

Exit Requirements
  • Successful completion of an electronic portfolio.
  • Pass the GACE content examination
  • Submit an EdTPA portfolio
  • Pass Ethics 360 with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission

Obtaining Initial Certification
  • Pass the GACE content examination at the induction level or professional level
  • Obtain a teaching position within the state of Georgia
  • Pass edTPA
  • A recommendation from the GCSU certification officer