Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Educational Leadership M.Ed. (Online)

The M.Ed. with major in Educational Leadership addresses the Georgia Educational Leadership Standards using personalized and authentic learning experiences in the school setting.  The program may be successfully completed in one academic year of three semesters, each having 12 graduate credit hours, beginning in the fall of each year.  The primary candidate is a certified classroom teacher who wishes to begin a career in educational administration.  All course work is available online to support the school-based learning experiences.  School mentors and university professors support and facilitate the candidate's work.  A residency requirement of 250 clock hours helps the candidate address experiences across all standards.  Successful completion of the program enables the candidate to be recommended for Tier I certification with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

M.Ed. Admission Requirements

1.   University Graduate Admissions Form including application fee, if applicable.

2.   Two professional recommendations (pdf) using the Recommendation Form found at:

3.   Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (except Georgia College)

4.   A passing score, or documentation of an attempt to pass, for the Educator Ethics for Leadership GACE Test code 380

5.   Documentation of completing coursework for the identification and education of children with special needs.  Georgia PSC educator certification is acceptable documentation.

6.   Minimum GPA of 2.50

M.Ed. Advisement

The M.Ed. with major in Educational Leadership begins in August (fall semester) of each year and ends with the following summer semester.  Each candidate admitted to the cohort has a program of study listing the timeline for all courses.  There are no substitutes or electives and all courses are taken at the same time during the program with other members of the cohort.  Candidates are assigned to the cohort professor for advisement and are encouraged to initiate communication on a regular basis with the professor who will also serve as facilitator and coach.

M.Ed. Program of Study

The Master of Education degree requires a minimum of 36 semester hours of course work. Only those courses listed on the Program of Graduate Study fulfill degree requirements. Grades below a C do not fulfill degree requirements.

M.Ed. Transient Credit

Candidates must enroll in all courses in the program of study at Georgia College.

M.Ed. Exit Requirements

All candidates must pass a comprehensive program exit requirement and fulfill degree requirements to graduate including an electronic portfolio presentation and submit a formal application to graduate.  Candidates should check with their assigned program advisor for specifics.

M.Ed. Graduate Assistantships

Limited Graduate Assistantships are available. Applications can be accessed at: 

Academic Dismissal Policy

Minimum course grade requirement is B.  For any course in the program of study earning a "C" grade, the candidate may file a formal petition to continue in the program.  Grades of lower than C are not eligible for graduate credit toward program of study.   


Successful completion of the M.Ed. program and passing the GACE Ethics and GACE content exams enable the graduate to be recommended for Tier I certification with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Program of Study

Semester I (12 semester hours)

EDEL 6300Management and Compliance


EDEL 6400Stakeholder Relationships


Semester II (12 semester hours)

EDEL 6500Support and Removing Barriers


EDEL 6600Equity and Differentiation


Semester III (12 semester hours)

EDEL 6700Continuous Improvement


EDEL 6800School Improvement/Capstone


Total Credit Hours: 36

EDEX 6111 Exceptional Individual in Regular Classes is required only when this course has not been completed during the student's undergraduate degree work.

Further Information

Prospective students desiring further information on graduate programs may contact Shanda Brand, Graduate Admissions Advisor, at Georgia College, Campus Box 70, Milledgeville, GA 31061.


Phone: 478-445-1383.  (Toll free in Georgia at 1-800-342-0471, extension 1383.)