Graduate Catalog 2018-2019


MUST 6000 MT Collegiate Teach & Supervis

Prerequisite: Graduation from an accredited undergraduate music therapy program or equivalency completed. This on-line course will explore trends in higher education, course design, methodology, technology, assessment and evaluation of courses for undergraduate preparation of music therapists. Models of supervision of students and best practices in acaemic and clinical settings will be investigated.


MUST 6010 MT Advanced Graduate Practicum

Prerequisite: Graduation from and accredited undergraduate music therapy program or equivalency completed. This clinical on-line course will use advanced music skills, verbal skills, and documentation skills to complete clinical experiences with community consumers. On-line supervision by Music Therapy graduate faculty will be individual or in groups. Each credit = 40 clock hours.

1 - 6

MUST 6140 Self-Experience in Mus Therapy

Course provides use of music and other creative media to explore roles, feelings, and actions in music therapy settings.


MUST 6200 Ethics in Creative Arts Ther

An examination of legal and ethical issues that affect creative arts therapists, including confidentiality, roles, values, scope of pratice, and professional conflicts.


MUST 6300 Graduate Clinical Improv

An intensive course for graduate students in music therapy focusing on clinical improvisation; its purposes, methods, experiences, and models. Students analyze existing models of music therapy and focus specifically on the process of clinical improvisation: how clinical improvisation helps clients, and what clinicians can learn from the process and the product.


MUST 6400 Community MT Foundations

This course is an in-depth focus on the topic of community music therapy. Students will explore and apply theories and practices in the classroom and community settings.


MUST 6450 Music Therapy Models

A survey of models of music thearpy, including method-based, outcome-based, process-based, and context-based models.


MUST 6490 Comp Exam in Music Therapy

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all academic coursework for the Master of Music Therapy Degree Program. This written examination is mandatory after the completion of all academic course requirements and prior to approval to begin MUST 6500 or MUST 6600. It measures specific and general comprehension of theory and practice in Music Therapy.


MUST 6500 Graduate Clinical Project

Approval of the Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Music Therapy. This course is a clinical alternative to the thesis. Students will develop and implement a clinical music therapy program of extensive and intensive nature at a community facility. This course is repeatable for credit.

1 - 6

MUST 6600 Music Therapy Thesis

Approval of the Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Music Therapy. An individual research study in which the student presents an original research idea, surveys the literature, formulates a specific research problem statement, designs the research methodology, collects and analyzes the results, and submits the results in a comprehensive written report. Directed by a major professor in music therapy. This course is repeatable for credit.

1 - 6

MUST 6610 Thesis/Project Defense

Prerequisites: MUST 6500 or MUST 6600. This oral presentation, in conjunction with a written final document, will be presented to a committee chosen by the student. Please see Program Description for the composition of the committee.