Graduate Catalog 2018-2019


MUSC 5045 Graduate Improvisation

Prerequisite: Admission to the M.M.Ed. program. A course designed to provide the graduate student in music education with experience in improvising music in the jazz and contemporary settings and to provide ideas on how to incorporate improvisation into other disciplines. This course is repeatable for credit.


MUSC 5430 Graduate Vocal Pedagogy

Prerequisite: Admission to the MMEd program. Students will learn advanced techniques for teaching voice, including study of vocal anatomy. Emphasis will be on the selection of appropriate vocal literature and the correction of vocal faults. The course includes supervised teaching.


MUSC 5470 Grad Adv Choral Conducting/Lit

This course aims to take the conducting skills and experience of each student to new levels using music analysis and self-evaluation. In this course students will be able to evaluate their conducting effectiveness and to reflect and comment on the extent to which they have achieved their musical goals. They will be able to work as a team by cooperation and singleness of purpose in order to perform at their highest level of musicianship and artistry.


MUSC 5650 Jazz History

Prerequisite: Admission to the MMEd program. A survey of jazz history, including music styles, artists, and major innovations in the various eras of jazz history, with special emphasis on social and cultural context. Students will relate this information to other disciplines, and will learn to design and assess student progress in a lecture course.


MUSC 5660 American Music

Prerequisite: Admission to MMEd program. A survey of the personalities, compositions, and aesthetic issues that define America’s contribution to the musical mainstream of Western music.


MUSC 5800 Studies in World Music

Prerequisite: Admission to MMEd program. This course is designed to lead and direct students on an excursion of musical-cultural practices of various ethnic peoples of the world. It can be used as an elective for senior level music majors and beginning graduate students in music-based fields (music education, music therapy). The course will include a lecture component as well as a seminar style (team) student presentation component. The focus of the class is on the music and its aesthetic and cultural meanings. We will also discuss the cross-influences of these different music cultures in the world today, and talk about what each system has to offer today’s world in terms of philosophy, aesthetics, social structure, instruments and behaviors.