Graduate Catalog 2018-2019


MKTG 6161 Advanced Mktg Theory and Appli

In-depth analysis of theory, principles, expected market behavior, and demands on the resources of the firm within a dynamic socially responsible environment. International and domestic considerations are emphasized. Stresses cases involving applications of marketing decision making.


MKTG 6162 Strategic Marketing Planning

This course gives students a hands-on approach to developing marketing plans. It focuses on the background analysis necessary for the foundation of marketing strategy including: competitor definition analysis, industry analysis, customer analysis and forecasting.


MKTG 6505 Special Topics in Marketing

This course meets special needs of students and/or the community. Approval of the graduate director is required prior to registering.


MKTG 6681 Marketing & Product Developmen

This course provides the foundation for marketing, a marketing plan, and specifically for the development of a unique product/service offering. Topics of study include the Four P’s of Marketing, with emphasis placed specifically on Product, the bundle of attributes given in a marketing exchange.


MKTG 6682 Promotional Strategies

Prerequisite: MKTG 6681. This course provides a comprehensive framework for the promotional efforts of marketing. Through this course student will develop a comprehensive Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan, integral to the business plan for a unique product service offering.


MKTG 6805 Independent Study

Comprehensive study and research on a topic of special interest. Approval of the graduate director and department chairperson is required prior to registration. *or approved undergraduate equivalent +students with an approved undergraduate equivalent should not enroll in this course


MKTG 6930 Applied Marketing

Prerequisites: College-Level Statistics and College-Level Economics. The course applies essential marketing concepts with the goal of achieving a competitive advantage for businesses in the marketplace. Topics of study include strategic marketing and its environment, marketing research, targeting and segmentation, consumer behavior, product and pricing decisions, distribution, and promotions including Integrated Marketing Communications activities.