Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

EDEC - Early Childhood Education

EDEC 6000 Socio-Cultural Perspectives

This course focuses on "childhood" as it has been theorized, conceptualized, and experienced. Historical and social constructions will be explored with special focus on cultural differences in how children and their families experience childhood.


EDEC 6010 Assessing the Early Learner

This course will focus on child study as a process of naturalistic observation, informal and formal assessment, and decision-making in early childhood classrooms. Assessments will include children from a variety of diverse cultural and language backgrounds, as well as children of different age and developmental levels, including children with disabilities, children with developmental delays, children who are at-risk for developmental delays, and children with special abilities.


EDEC 6020 Undrstndng EC Curr & Assesment

Students will examine the history of curriculum designed for young children and will apply interdisciplinary knowledge from such fields as sociology, psychology, philosophy, and anthropology to practice in early childhood education.


EDEC 6030 Play for Early Learners

This course will focus on the nature and the value of play as essential to children’s social, cognitive, physical, and emotional development. There will be a special focus on facilitating and assessing the processes of play as integral to developmentally appropriate practice in the early childhood classroom.


EDEC 6050 Teachers as Researchers I

This course is designed to provide opportunities for classroom teachers to develop their knowledge, skills and dispositions as teacher researchers; analyze theories and practical applications of educational research; understand the components of a professional research study; reflect upon one's own practice; and examine the ethical, legal, and professional issues and responsibilities of conducting research.


EDEC 6060 Teachers as Researchers II

Teacher as Researchers II builds on skills and knowledge from Teachers as Researchers I to help students further refine their research question as well as design and implement their study centered on improving their teaching practice.


EDEC 6061 Seminar: Data Analysis

This is the final course in the Master of Education in Early Childhood research sequence. This course will focus on the use of collected data to answer the initial research questions of the individual students. Both qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis will be available to students. The emphasis in drawing conclusions will initially be placed on the questions and problems ouitlined in the research proposal, but attention will also be given to unexpected and/or unrelated findings that may have implications for future research.


EDEC 6070 Leadership & Advocacy in EC

This course is designed to provide opportunities for classroom teachers to explore leadership theory and research; partnerships and collaboration with co-workers and stakeholders; advocacy for students families, foster student learning and development.


EDEC 6112 Language & Literacy Developmnt

This course will focus on the development of language and literacy within multiple contexts and settings.


EDEC 6200 Trends & Issues in EC Edu

This course is designed to critically examine trends, issues, research findings, and policies related to Early Childhood Education. This exploration is expected to inform students in the development of their on-going research within the M.Ed Program.


EDEC 6211 Soc Studies in Early Child Ed

Curriculum designs for teaching the social studies in grades P-5 are explored. A primary focus is on the integration of basic literacy skills with conceptual teaching with developmental stages of the children.


EDEC 6233 Capstone

Candidates should have complete EDFS 6224, EDFS 6225, EDFS 6226, and EDFS 6231. This course will be taken within the last 9 hours. The course will serve as a culmination of coursework in the candidate’s major field of study and the study of how educational research methodologies can be used to test assumptions related to collaborative school improvement. Candidates will present a portfolio of their work to provide evidence of their ability to meet NAEYC Advanced Standards and Georgia Systematic Teacher Education Program (GSTEP) Framework.


EDEC 6255 Family & School Partnerships

This course examines the interactive relationships among families, schools, and communities. Students will examine recent research in order to deepen their understanding of the ways that these relationships have an impact on student learning.


EDEC 6259 Creative Act

In-depth study of topic selected for supplementary background or enrichment.


EDEC 6290 Dev of Log & Creative Thought

This course focuses on the development of the thinking and reasoning of young children. Particular emphasis is placed on the processes of problem-solving.