Graduate Catalog 2018-2019


EDCI 6100 Curriculum Theory

Students will learn about the philosophical and historical frameworks that undergird curriculum theory and design including an introduction to major curriculum theorists.


EDCI 6101 Learning Theo & Role of Cult

students will focus on theories of learning and how they apply to students in the classroom. Instruction will also focus on learner differences and the role of culture in learning. Students will learn how to evaluate, design and modify learning environments to meet the needs of all learners based in theory, best practices and student achievement data.


EDCI 6102 Analyzing Assmt Pol Prac Power

Investigating the assessment process as it relates to student learning and effective instruction. Studenst will also study how assessment policies are impacted by epistemological and ontological beliefs of those in position to create policy. Students will learn about a variety of assessments and how to analyze such assessments and provide timely feedback to improve student outcomes.


EDCI 6103 Util Ed Rsrch to Impv Learning

Prerequisites: EDCI 6100, EDCI 6101, EDCI 6102. Focus on understanding the role of academic and classroom research in development as a professional educator. They also develop a classroom research project to implement the next semester that illustrates using research, student data, and self-reflection as means of designing and modifying curriculum.


EDCI 6104 Curric Dev and Eval

Prerequisites: EDCI 6100, EDCI 6101, EDCI 6102, EDCI 6103. Students will focus on curriculum development, design, and evaluation using student performance data, research and reflection. They will also focus on aligning curriculum with local, state, and national standards. Finally, students will focus on using assessment data to conduct program evaluations and identify longitudinal trends and achievement gaps, as well as establish goals for improvement.


EDCI 6105 Curriculum Leadership Capstone

Prerequisites: EDCI 6100, EDCI 6101, EDCI 6102, EDCI 6103, EDCI 6104. Students will write a final draft of their research paper and complete their electronic portfolio. Studenst also focus on developing further as leaders and advocates in their schools, particularly in the area of curriculum and instruction. Students have multiple opportunities to share their expertise with other students as well as in the larger educational community.


EDCI 6200 Student-Centered Pedagogy

Course will focus on a variety of instructional strategies that teachers may use to engage students in high-impact pedagogies such as simulations, cross-curricular activities, and collaborative groupings. Studenst will workin content and/or grade level teams in order to focus on their content area.


EDCI 6201 Implement Research Project

Prerequisite: EDCI 6103 and admission to MEd-with major in Curriculum and Instruction. Students will gather data with guidance from the course instructor for the project planned in EDCI 6103.


EDCI 6202 Curriculum and Imagination

Course will focus on the aesthetics of teaching and learning including the role of the arts, discovery, innovation and imagination. Studenst will also study the work of major educational aesthetics theorists such as Eisner and Greene. Reading and assignments in this course will require students to integrate the aesthetic experience into their content field.