Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Health and Human Performance M.S. (Online) with a Concentration in Health Promotion

Director: Lisa Griffin, School of Health & Human Performance
Office Coordinator: Toyia Barnes,
Administrative Assistant: Sarah McCook,

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The School of Health & Human Performance offers the Master of Science in Health and Human Performance (HHP) with specializations in either Health Promotion or Human Performance. There is a sequenced curriculum that provides opportunities for scholarly investigation in professionally relevant areas and a capstone experience that provides application of administrative topics across specialization area. A thesis option or a significant project in a relevant professional setting is also available for a more in-depth research experience. The Health Promotion concentration is completely online and students take all 36 hours online.

Candidates for the Master of Science in HHP may pursue the Human Performance or Health Promotion programs while remaining in a professional employment position. Once finished with the program, graduates utilize their newly acquired knowledge and skills to improve job performance and to improve the quality of services to clients. Candidates may also pursue advanced study following an undergraduate program or choose to leave a job to engage in a full-time study at Georgia College. These individuals are often looking to make a career change or to seek a new position to commensurate with a Master’s degree. For additional information about specialization options or career information, contact the relevant Program Coordinator.

Master of Science (M.S.) with a Major in Health and Human Performance: Health Promotion - Online.


The M.S. in Health and Human Performance: Health Promotion is appropriate for students from a variety of majors including, but not limited to exercise science, athletic training, community health, health promotion, physical education, or nursing. The health promotion program is designed to assist students who wish to gain additional knowledge and skills as a health educator working in the areas of primary and secondary prevention of chronic and acute diseases and disorders and in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Coursework includes Kinesiology core courses (9 hours) and health promotion specialization courses (27 hours.) Part-time enrollment is accommodated.

Online Course Fees


All programs that provide at least 95% of a program through online delivery methods will charge a $50 per credit hour course fee. Click here for information about special fees.

Regular Admission Requirements


The following are elements used to determine eligibility for regular admission:

  • Minimum upper-level undergraduate GPA of 2.75
  • Successful completion of an undergraduate statistics course with a grade of C or higher
  • Submit a letter of application indicating why you have chosen a career in health promotion, your teaching/professional philosophy, and how the program of study meets your career goals
  • Names and contact information for 2 professional references
  • Provide a current resume; copies of any relevant, current training certificates, or certification cards

Conditional Admission


Applicants who apply too late for full consideration for admission and/or have not submitted all required documents or met minimum entrance requirements for evaluation may be assigned conditional admission status for one semester only with permission of the School of Health Science and Human Performance Graduate Coordinator. This option is discouraged because students failing to submit all required documents or not meeting admission requirements will be required to withdraw from the University. After one semester on conditional status, students must have achieved regular admission.

Academic Dismissal Policy


A graduate student will be placed on graduate academic probation if the student's institutional graduate grade point average falls below a 3.00 at any point during his or her graduate studies.

A graduate student will be dismissed if the student is placed on academic probation for more than one semester, receives more than one C (or lower) during his or her graduate studies, or fails to comply with policy, procedures, and expectations as defined in current versions of the Graduate Student Handbook.

Transfer Credits


Up to 9 semester hours of graduate coursework with grades of B or better may be accepted from other institutions at the discretion of the School of Health and Human Performance Graduate Coordinator and the advisor. All Health Promotion courses are delivered online with synchronous/asynchronous meetings. Please see P.A.W.S. for delivery methods and semester offerings.

Time Limitations for M.S. with a Major in HHP: Health Promotion

The requirements for the degree program must be completed within a period of 6 years from the date that the student begins taking courses at Georgia College. Courses completed more than 6 years prior to completion of the requirements for the Master's degree will be regarded as outdated and will not be applied toward the degree program. This includes courses that may be transferred from other institutions. Outdated courses may be updated through appropriate means at the discretion of the School of Health and Human Performance Graduate Coordinator and the advisor. 

Major in Health and Human Performance: Health Promotion Program of Study

Kinesiology Core (9 semester hours)

KINS 6803Research Methods Kinesiology


KINS 6813Research Mthds Kinesiology II


KINS 6823Admin Health & Human Services


Health Promotion Content (12 semester hours)

KINS 6503Health Program Planning


KINS 6513Community Hlth Assess/Interven


KINS 6523Health Comm & Social Marketing


KINS 6533Epidemiology


Content Electives (15 semester hours)

Select from:

KINS 6543Human Sexuality


KINS 6553Coordinated School Health Prog


KINS 6560Health Policy Analysis


KINS 6563ATOD Education and Prevention


KINS 6623Adv Sport & Exercise Psych


KINS 6653Sports Nutrition


KINS 6833Special Topics in Kinesiology

1 - 6

Total Credit Hours: 36

Steps in Completing the M.S. HHP: Health Promotion

  1. Submit a completed application and all supporting documents to the Graduate Admissions Office
  2. Consult with the faculty advisor to develop a program of study for the specialization in Health Promotion
  3. Complete courses with a GPA of 3.0 or better
  4. Submit the completed graduation application by the date specified in the official university calendar