Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Add-Drop Period

Policy Statement:

In fall and spring semesters, the add/drop period is the first five days of classes. In summer semesters, the add/drop period is the first two days of classes.

Reason for the Policy:

The current academic calendar allows students three days from the start of the fall and spring terms to add a course and five days to drop a course without additional approval via an Add/Drop Card.

The misalignment of the add/drop deadlines means that there may be open seats in a course after the third day of class, but students are unable to enroll without an authorized Add/Drop Card.  This also occurs for students on the course waitlist.

As a result, students regularly request to add a course after the add deadline which requires the signature of both the instructor and the department chair.  Negotiating this process can be cumbersome for both students and faculty.

Proposed Outcome:

Extending the Add period to coincide with the Drop period will allow students to more easily enroll in the classes they want/need and reduce the need for instructors and department chairs to sign Add/Drop cards.  Waitlisted students will be able to adjust their courses online or through their academic advisor without additional authorization.

Applicability of the Policy:

The policy applies to all students adding and dropping courses.

Related Policies:


Faculty Affairs Policy Committee,

Registrar’s Office,

Motion Number and Approval Dates:

Motion Number: 1819.FAPC.001.P

Source Committee: FAPC

Approved by FAPC on 5 Oct 2018

Executive Cabinet Approval 8 Jan 2019