Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018

World Languages and Cultures

Chair: Peggy Elliott

Professors: Hedwig Fraunhofer, Larbi Oukada and David de Posada

Associate Professors: Aurora Castillo-Scott and Peggy Elliott

Assistant Professors: Aaron Castroverde, Brantley Nicholson, and Mariana Stoyanova

Senior Lecturers: Juan Alcarria and Marlene McMichael

Lecturers: Daniel Fonfria and Guillermo Jodra
Part-time Instructor: Gina Towner
Language Lab Coordinator: Vicki Hutchinson


Department Contact Information:

Georgia College

World Languages and Cultures

Campus Box 46

Milledgeville, GA 31061


Chair, Peggy Elliott, peggy.elliott@gcsu.edu

Administrative Assistant, Susan Hurst, susan.hurst@gcsu.edu


The Department of World Languages and Cultures (WLC) is central to the Liberal Arts mission of Georgia College, encouraging and cultivating literary, linguistic and intercultural competence, academic achievement, critical thinking, and a broader understanding of global issues. WLC is vital to the internationalization of the curriculum at GC, offering instruction in languages, literatures, and cultures in the classroom and beyond. We also offer study abroad programs, a state of the art language lab, conversation tables, community outreach activities, and honor societies for outstanding French and Spanish majors.

Our name, Department of World Languages and Cultures (WLC), reflects our commitment to study and teach languages and literatures in their cultural settings and our mission to prepare students to function effectively in today’s global context. Our core responsibility is to heighten Georgia College students’ intellectual and linguistic flexibility and foster their creative thinking by exploring with them communicative language systems other than English and the literatures and artistic manifestations of the world in their original languages

Student Success

Earning a college degree is a significant achievement and requires dedication and tremendous effort by each student.  Several programs have been developed to help students majoring in French or Spanish to succeed. The First Year Academic Seminar MFLG 0001 provides an introduction to department faculty and staff, departmental and University expectations, policies, resources, and opportunities following graduation, such as potential career paths or graduate school options.  


The department conducts both informal social activities and more formal presentations by special guest speakers to encourage faculty and student interaction. Our clubs, academic honor societies, and conversation tables provide a learning community that is both supportive and enjoyable.  The WLC faculty offers further opportunities for student growth by mentoring students in undergraduate research and assisting them in the preparation of conference presentations.  In addition, the department is committed to offering the courses necessary to ensure that each student has the opportunity to complete degree requirements in four years. A four year plan for each degree option serves as a guide in course selection, identifying required courses and recommended course sequencing. Students are advised to enroll in an average of 30 semester hours each year.

Career Information

Language specialists find employment in government or diplomatic service, the travel industry, public or private schools, higher education, banking, religious ministry, and international business, just to mention a few areas.  Recent graduates are teaching in Georgia, other states, and overseas; completing masters and PhD programs; serving in the Peace Corps and Teach for America, working in local, state, and federal government agencies, and working for non-profit or missions organizations both in the US and abroad.


In many professions, knowledge of one or more foreign languages greatly enhances job qualifications. A major or minor in French or Spanish complements a degree in the humanities, education, health sciences, social sciences, or business.

Minors Programs

In addition to the minors offered in Spanish Language and Culture and French Language and Culture, coursework may also be applied toward the completion of one of the many minors with an international focus, including the African Studies Minor,International Studies Minor, andLatin American and Caribbean Studies Minor.

Study Abroad. The Department of World Languages and Cultures participates directly in several study-abroad programs during the summer and the academic year. Information on these programs is available from the International Education Center at Georgia College.

The Department strongly recommends that all majors participate in a study-abroad program. Research has shown that the strongest determining factor in significantly improving foreign language proficiency is a period of study and living in an environment where the language is spoken.

Students contemplating study abroad should start planning for the experience as early as possible, and should speak with their major advisor and the study-abroad advisors at the International Education Center. The most advantageous time to incorporate a study abroad experience into undergraduate work is during the third year at the University. Certain advanced courses in the undergraduate major must be taken at Georgia College, and therefore a study abroad experience during the last semester as an undergraduate language major will not be approved. French and Spanish majors must meet with their program coordinator and receive approval from the Chairperson of World Languages and Cultures before registering for a study abroad program.

MAT in Secondary Education: Students who wish to prepare for teacher certification can continue their studies at Georgia College with the Master of Arts in Teaching. For information, please visit the M.A.T. website.

Honor Societies. Outstanding Spanish majors and minors are invited to become members of Kappa Psi, the local chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society. Exceptional French majors and minors are invited to become members of Xi Upsilon, the local chapter of Pi Delta Phi, the National French Honor Society.