Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018

Environmental Sciences Minor

Minor Requirements

Seventeen hours with minimum grades of C or better in the following classes:

ENSC 1000Intro to Environmental Science


ENSC 1000LIntro to Environ Science Lab


BIOL 2800Ecology


ENSC 3000-4000 levelENSC 3000-4000 level


* ENSC 3999, 4940, 4960, 4980, 4999, and Senior Capstone course cannot count toward the Environmental Sciences minor.

Course that are included in a student's major curriculum cannot be used toward the environmental sciences minor. 

Please note that some of these courses have prerequisites that are not part of the Environmental Sciences minor.

Students earning an Environmental Sciences minor need to take BIOL 1107/BIOL 1107L or BIOL 1108/BIOL 1108L as a prerequisite for BIOL 2800 (Ecology).  These students should contact the instructor prior to registration for permission to enroll.

Note: Courses used to fulfill minor requirements cannot be used to fulfill requirements in Areas A-E. 

Note:  A minimum of 10 credit hours applied to the minor must be taken in residence at Georgia College.