Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018

Art B.A. - Graphic Design Concentration

The Graphic Design concentration provides a learning environment that nurtures creative thinking and skill development.  The curriculum is carefully assembled to fulfill the growing interest in graphic design from students in the Department of Art and beyond.  Courses are designed to help students acquire the applicable skills and knowledge of digital software to gain professional proficiency in every aspect of the graphic design profession.  The concentration will also prepare students for further study at the graduate level and to meet the demands of the workforce.

Degree Requirements

Core Areas A-E

Satisfactorily complete core Areas A-E, as listed in the Core Curriculum section of this catalog.

Total Credit Hours:42

Core Area F

Satisfactorily complete each of the following courses:

ARTS 1000Drawing I


ARTS 1200Two-Dimensional Design


ARTS 1201Three-Dimensional Design


ARTS 1620Intro to the Computer in Art


ARTS 2800The Ancient & Medieval Worlds


ARTS 2810From Renaissance to Mod World


Total Credit Hours:18

Major/Concentration Requirements

Satisfactorily complete each of the following courses, including two sections of ARTS 4985 and two internships:

ARTS 2630Graphic Design Studio I


ARTS 3631Typography


ARTS 3635Graphic Design Studio II


ARTS 4630Graphic Design Studio III


ARTS 4985Advanced Studio Problems


ARTS 4960Internship

1 - 15

Total Credit Hours:24


Satisfactorily complete four 4000-level classes in Art History, including one non-western Art History course. Substitutions are allowed with departmental approval.

Total Credit Hours:12

Senior Capstone

Satisfactorily complete each of the following courses:

ARTS 4981Graphic Design Capstone I


ARTS 4982Graphic Design Capstone II


Total Credit Hours:6

Foreign Language Requirement

Demonstrate competence in one foreign language at the level of the fourth university course (2002).

Total Credit Hours:3-12


Students are strongly encouraged to use their elective hours to develop a secondary or tertiary area in Art History, Fine Art Studio, or Museum Studies.

Total Credit Hours:9-18

Additional Degree Requirements

Satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements listed in the academic policies section of this catalog.

Earn a grade of C or higher in all ARTS courses.

Total Credit Hours: 120