Graduate Catalog 2017-2018

Study Abroad Scholarships

The Georgia College International Education Center staff advises all students going abroad on the study abroad programs that best meet their needs and the study abroad scholarships that are available to them.

These scholarships require the same 3.0 GPA standard that is requried for other GC scholarships. The Assistant Vice President for International Education and the International Education Committee review scholarship application materials and recommend University Study Abroad Scholarships.

International Education Center staff will also advise students interested in studying abroad on other available scholarships:

  1. Federal Aid, which is based solely upon financial need and may be used for any recognized study abroad programs. For programs in which the majority of course work is registered with an institution other than Georgia College, an approved Financial Aid Consortium Agreement must be in place before Federal Aid will be disbursed. Information is available in the Financial Aid Office. Federal Aid may be awarded as grants or loans.
  2. Information on other scholarships is available in the International Education Center.

The Office of Financial Aid will manage disbursement of all study abroad scholarships and Federal Aid. In addition, the Financial aid office will establish the required financial aid consortium agreement with any non-GC program which certifies the student's Federal Financial Aid eligibility. Any funds awarded through Georgia College will be managed by the Office of Financial Aid.