Graduate Catalog 2017-2018


FINC 6141 Financial Policies

Prerequisites: FINC 5131* and 3 hrs college-level statistics*. Examination and application of contemporary financial theory and analysis related to business finance. Cases and case readings in financial management, financial structure, obtaining and managing capital, issuing and placing securities and administering income.


FINC 6505 Special Topics in Finance

This course meets special needs of students and/or the community. Approval of the graduate director is required prior to registration.


FINC 6805 Independent Study

*or approved undergraduate equivalent +students with an approved undergraduate equivalent should not enroll in this course

1 - 3

FINC 6940 Financial Policy & Management

Prerequisites: Principles of Accounting I and Business Finance. The course offers an in-depth analysis of contemporary decision techniques related to business finance. Using cases and readings, the course examines in detail alternative financial policies and their impact on obtaining and applying capital for firm and shareholder value maximization.