Graduate Catalog 2017-2018


EDEX 7110 Trends & Issues in Special Edu

Prerequisite: Admission into program. Critical discussion of contemporary trends and issues impacting the education of individuals with disabilities.


EDEX 7120 Critique of Special Educ Lit

Prerequisite: Admission into program. Analysis of literature related to contemporary issues impacting the education of individuals with disabilities.


EDEX 7130 Found in Evidence-Based Pract

Prerequisite: Admission to Special Education program. This course provides a foundation in evidence based practice, literature synthesis, and professional writing.


EDEX 7210 Research Methods

Overview of major designs and research methodologies in the field of special education.


EDEX 7220 Synthesis/Resrch Lit-Spec Edu

Exploration of literature in selected area of interest that addresses an issue in the education of individuals with disabilities. Development of literature review required.


EDEX 7310 Research Design

Faculty and peer review of research proposal to problem solve design and approval issues. Development of final research proposal required.


EDEX 7320 Directed Readings

Under the supervision of a specialist in the field, students will refine and complete an extensive review of the literature for their proposed area of research. Research project design options will also be explored.


EDEX 7410 Research Implementation

This course supplies faculty supervision during implementation of specialist student's research project.


EDEX 7420 Leadership/Collaborative Learn

Overview of collaboration theory and techniques with emphasis on applications to creating school learning communities.


EDEX 7510 Specialist Thesis

Capstone experience through which specialist research project is completed. Dissemination of research results for school improvement is required.

3 - 6