Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Special Fees

APPLICATION FEE ($40 paper $35 online) - A non-refundable fee is required of all students applying for admission to the University. The fee will be sent with the application for admission. Former students of Georgia College are exempt from the application fee.

GRADUATION FEE ($45) - This fee is required of all degree candidates and is payable at the time the Application for Graduation is submitted. The fee is nontransferable and non-refundable.

COURSE FEE - Certain University departments may charge a course fee in courses requiring extra materials or services of instruction. These fees are listed in the course descriptions and are non-refundable.

LATE PAYMENT FEE ($75) - All student fees are due and payable at the time stated in the University Calendar. A student is not officially registered until all fees and charges are paid. A late payment fee of $75 will be charged beginning the day following the stated payment deadline and is non-refundable.

REINSTATEMENT FEE ($150) - Students dropped for non-payment after the first day of class and who desire to re-register for the term, will be charged and additional $150 fee to have classes reinstated.

COMMUTER CAMPUSES OR CENTERS FEES - The University offers courses throughout its service area. The cost for these courses is dependent upon the program under which they are offered. When courses are dropped at a commuter campus and added at the Milledgeville campus, applicable fees will be added.

TRAFFIC AND PARKING VIOLATION FEES - Each year the University prints an up-to-date set of traffic and parking regulations. These are available upon request from the Department of Public Safety at www.gcsu.edu/publicsafety. Tickets may be issued for violations of traffic and parking regulations. The fine indicated on the ticket is payable to the cashier of the Business Office or at the Parking and Transportation Office. Any student who has unpaid traffic fines may be denied registration, transcripts, refunds, payments, check-cashing privileges, and other college records.

MUSIC FEES - Private Lessons (Applied Music Courses) - These non-refundable fees are in addition to regular course fees. Private instruction, one 50-minute session per week, $250 per term.

ONLINE COURSE FEES - All online programs are programs in which 95% or more of the program's class contact time is through an online delivery method, and may be associated with differential tuition rates.  Click here for the online program rates.