Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


KINS 2103 Prev/Care-Musculoskeletal Inj

Prerequisites: BIOL 2160 with a grade of C or higher or HSCS 2813 with a grade of C or higher. Introduction to the recognition, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries. Laboratory experiences emphasize taping, bracing, wrapping and padding methods and techniques for preventing athletic related injuries/conditions. Additional special course fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.


KINS 2200 Intro to Exercise Biochemistry

Prerequisite: CHEM 1151 with a grade of C or higher, CHEM 1151K with a grade of C or higher, CHEM 1211 with a grade of C or higher, CHEM 1211K with a grade of C or higher, or CHEM 1311 with a grade of C or higher. Introduction to human metabolism and bioenergetics. Emphasis on metabolic adaptations brought on by exercise.


KINS 2303 Personal Health and Fitness

An introduction to health and fitness-related topics including application of these principles. An emphasis is placed on the individual's capability and responsibility for adopting health-enhancing behaviors leading to a full and satisfying life.


KINS 2313 Introduction to Public Health

Overview of the history, philosophy, theory, and practice of professional health education and acquaints students with the role of the health educator as an agent of behavioral change.


KINS 2323 Nutrition

An exploration of food nutrients and basic nutrition principles to aid in the planning and selection of a healthy diet to promote high-level wellness.


KINS 2331 Med Terminology/Allied Hlth Pr

A short course on the study of prefixes, suffixes, and root words used in medical terminology. A body systems approach focuses on abbreviations, symbols, surgical, pathological, and diagnostic procedures.


KINS 2823 Special Topics in Kinesiology

A discussion of introductory current topics and issues in Kinesiology. Topics may focus on community health, exercise science, athletic training, outdoor education or physical education and are intended for students in the first or second year of study. Topics and instructor will vary. Field trips may be required. This course is repeatable for credit.

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