Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


GEOL 3001 Mineralogy

(2-2-3) Prerequisite: GEOL 1121 or permission of instructor. Introduction to crystallography; crystal systems, classes. Chemical and physical properties of minerals related to structure and composition. Occurrence and associations of minerals. Additional laboratory fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.


GEOL 3200 Econ & Environmental Geology

In this course students will learn the significance, formation, occurrence, distribution, extraction and environmental impacts of both economic and industrial minerals. This course will be based on finding solutions to environmental problems in the context of earth resources. In order to effectively address these challenging environmental issues, students will learn about natural resources and how to find sustainable solutions that foster both environment health and economic growth. Prerequisite: GEOL 1121/1121L or GEOL 1122/1122L.