Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


CSCI 3211 Assem Lang & Digital Logic Dsg

Prerequisite: CSCI 1302. The internal organization of digital computers is introduced through the study of assembly language. Digital logic design, sequential and combinational circuit design and implementation are introduced. Laboratory projects include the implementation of circuits using integrated circuit technology and assembly language programming. Corequisite CSCI 3410. This course is non-repeatable.


CSCI 3212 Computer Organization & Archit

Prerequisite: C or better in CSCI 3211. Study of computer architecture. Topics include CPU organization, memory addressing, internal bus organization, and control. Laboratory emphasis is given to design and construction of an operational digital computer system. This course is non-repeatable. Additional special course fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.


CSCI 3341 Operating Systems

Prerequisite: C or better in CSCI 3410. Basic principles, structures, and functions of operating systems. Topics include concurrency, multitasking and process synchronization, multiprogramming, scheduling and Dispatch, memory management, processor management, device management, virtual machine, and security and protection. This course is non-repeatable.


CSCI 3342 Networks & Network Programming

Prerequisite: C or better in CSCI 3341. This course provides a basic concept of the design and development of multitasking systems, client-server organizations, and distributed applications. Computer network design, implementations and protocols are included. This course is non-repeatable.


CSCI 3343 Computer Systems Security

Prerequisite: C or better in CSCI 3341 and CSCI 3342. The course covers principles of computer systems security. We will discuss various attack techniques and how to defend against them. Topics include Network attacks and defenses, Operating system holes, application security (Web, e-mail, databases, viruses, social engineering attacks, privacy, digital rights management, cryptography, access control, and security protocols). Course projects will focus on building reliable code.


CSCI 3410 Intro to Data Structures

Prerequisite: C or better in CSCI 1302. Introduction to data structures and their applications. Topics include pointers and references, linked structures, stacks, queues, lists, trees, hashed tables, introductory algorithm analysis, and recursion. Basic implementation and algorithms for manipulating these structures in the context of typical problems are covered.


CSCI 3610 Internet Programming I

Prerequisite: C or better in CSCI 3410 or CSCI 2350. This course includes an overview of the World Wide Web along with an introduction of client side scripting, server side scripting, HTTP protocol, database connectivity, and programming for the Web. Topics include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, PHP and/or other internet programming languages. The course is non-repeatable.


CSCI 3680 Discrete Structures

Prerequisites: C or better in MATH 1113 (or higher) and CSCI 1302. This course offers an intensive introduction to discrete mathematics as it is used in computer science. Topics include functions, relations, sets, propositional and predicate logic, simple circuit logic, proof techniques, cryptography, discrete probability, graphs and trees, and understand basic Finite-State Machines, Turing Machines, and Formal Languages. This course is non-repeatable.


CSCI 3950 Special Topics

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Selected topics not available in other departmental courses.

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