Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


CSCI 1000 Intro to Computer Sci & Appl

An introduction to computer literacy, software applications, elementary programming, information security and societal issues related to computers and software. Laboratory assignments will employ a variety of application software including electronic spreadsheets, presentation systems, database systems and elementary programming.


CSCI 1012 Special Topics

No prerequisite. Basic CS selected topics not available in other courses

1 - 3

CSCI 1200 Curr Topic in Comp & Info Tech

This course provides an introduction to contemporary issues in computer and information technology and the impact on society and culture. Topics include the evolution of the World Wide Web to current social networks, the technology and economics of social networking, the software development process and issues related to modern mobile computing devices, security and privacy, cyberethics, and globalization of the computing industry.


CSCI 1301 Computer Science I

Course topics include an overview of computers and programming; problem-solving and algorithm development; simple data types; arithmetic and logical operators; selection structures; text files; arrays; procedural abstraction and software design; modular programming.


CSCI 1302 Computer Science II

Prerequisite: C or better in CSCI 1301. The course includes an overview of abstract data types; multi-dimensional arrays and records; strings; binary files; searching and sorting; software engineering concepts; software engineering concepts; dynamic data structures; introduction to object oriented languages and the concepts of object oriented design of algorithms. Additional special course fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.