Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

BIDS Bus Interdisciplinary Studies

BIDS 0001 Basic Computer Skills Test

The Basic Computer Skills Test (BCST) is the Sam Challenge published by Course Technology. This exam is used as a placement test for over 300 universities in the US, and satisfies the prerequisite for CBIS 2220. The exam covers the basics of computing to include a skills based test on the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), a number of True/False and multiple choice questions on technical concepts, and terminology frequently encountered in the workplace.


BIDS 1705 First Year Academic Seminar

This institutional credit course will introduce students to life at Georgia College & State University and The J. Whitney Bunting College of Business. This course will also focus on campus programs and activities, basic study skills, department programs and majors, school organizations, and activities designed to help students succeed in their university endeavors. The hours earned in this course may not be used in the total hours required for graduation.


BIDS 2105 Dynamics of Bus & Industry

An interdisciplinary course designed to provide a broad understanding of the need for a vibrant and viable business structure in a dynamic, changing society. Topics will include resource usage, environmental concerns, production and distribution of goods and services, motivation, leadership and societal team building. Legal nuances necessary to meet the requirements of a demanding society will be introduced. (May not be used as a College of Business elective.)


BIDS 3710 Careers and Employment Seminar

Prerequisites: Completion of Area F courses and junior standing. This institutional credit course is designed to prepare students for the world of work. The course will cover careers, career planning, job search and networking procedures, employment communications, interviewing and job negotiation techniques, and business etiquette.


BIDS 3735 Research Seminar in Business

The course will cover research methodologies in business, including types of studies, data acquisition and measurement issues, data analysis, and interpretation and reporting of research findings.


BIDS 4505 Spec. Topics-Honors Resrch Bus

This course meets special needs of students and/or the community. Approval of the Dean's Office is required prior to registration.


BIDS 4710 Academic Service Seminar

Prerequisites: Completion of Area F courses and senior standing. This institutional credit course will provide students with opportunities to volunteer skills for service projects. The course will focus on individual and team projects in non-profit and service organizations. Additional activities will include group discussions and a report of the completed project.


BIDS 4805 Independent Study

Investigation of a topic of special interest, with reports given to instructor. Approval of the Dean's Office is required prior to registration.