Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Area B. Institutional Options (7 semester hours)

Outcome: Students will be able to explain multiple intellectual approaches that clarify or respond to problems, topics, themes, and/or issues.

Course Listing

Satisfactorily complete both courses from the following list:

GC1Y 1000Critical Thinking


GC2Y 2000Global Perspectives


GC2Y 2000: also GL

GC1Y 1000 and GC2Y 2000 are topics courses that address critical thinking and global perspectives through a variety of subjects and themes. Students should consult the semester course schedule for specific section topics that will be offered in each term.

Students will complete GC1Y during their freshman year at Georgia College. Students will complete GC2Y 2000 during their sophomore year at Georgia College. Students who do not complete these courses during the appointed year will not be able to register for these courses in future terms until after students who are taking the course at the appropriate time have been given an opportunity to enroll.

GC1Y 1000 Critical Thinking fulfills one component of Georgia College's critical thinking plan, as required by the University System of Georgia, and addresses Georgia College's critical thinking outcomes.